Which one is Z in Minecraft?

The map in Minecraft is divided into coordinates, namely XYZ and each of the X, Y and Z coordinate values ​​are used to indicate a player’s location on the map. Here’s exactly how Minecraft’s coordinate system works:

  • X – Mark your east/west location on the map. While positive value increases your position to the east and negative value increases it to the west.
  • Y: Show your position up/down on the map. While positive value increases your position upwards and negative value increases it downwards.
  • Z: Indicates your South/North position on the map. While positive value increases your position to the south and negative value increases it to the north.

How to read coordinates in Minecraft

There are three coordinates in Minecraft: X, Y and Z. Each coordinate indicates the player’s distance from the original spawn point in a different way:

  • East – X (positive value)
  • West – X (negative value)
  • Altitude above origin – Y (positive value)
  • Depth below origin – Y (negative value)
  • South – Z (positive value)
  • North – Z (negative value)

Minecraft Coordinates Explained

Minecraft has three coordinates: X, Y, and Z, just like any other three-dimensional space. Each of these three coordinates determines:

  • X: East (+) or West (-). If the value is positive, it means that it is east of the central part of the map. Then the negative value is the opposite, it indicates the West.
  • Y: vertical position. The value will change depending on how much you climb (+) or descend (-) closer to the bedrock. The sea is always at the Y coordinate 64.
  • Z: South (+) or North (-). The positive value will increase as you move your position south from the central part of the map. The numbers will turn negative as you travel north.
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How to get XYZ and lock coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition

Unfortunately, there are no built-in settings to only display your coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition like there is for Bedrock. However, it’s still very easy to find your current coordinates whenever you need them. Here’s what to do.

  1. When you’re in the Minecraft Java game, simply press “F3” on Windows or “FN + F3” on Mac to bring up the “Debug Screen” which is filled with all kinds of text information about your game world.
  2. Look for the “XYZ:” and “Block” sections. You’ll see your precise coordinates (where your feet rest), such as “XYZ: 77.100 / 72.00000 / -205.344” and the block you’re standing on, such as “Block: 77 72 -206”.
  3. If using coordinates for commands, hover over the block you want the command to use, then check the “Block” coordinates (world block location) in the “Debug Screen”. Block coordinates are also listed but not applicable.

Now you can go anywhere (and find your way back)

Now that you know how the system works, you should be able to find your way much easier. I personally like to write down the coordinates of important destinations, such as my home, villages, temples, rare biomes I find, cool features I want to build on, etc.

Hope this helps you get going. If you’re having trouble navigating or don’t understand something in the guide, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you.

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