Which is worse black screen or blue screen?

There may be instances where the computer shuts down or fails to boot, and when this happens, it is likely boot errors specifying a battery-related cause. Drivers may malfunction (CMOS checksum and read error), causing driver blue screens and crashes.

In the aftermath of a blue screen, you should try these things to determine if the motherboard is the main culprit causing the blue screen.

Gray Screen of Death (GSOD)

The screen color on the original Microsoft Surface running Windows 8.1 RT becomes completely gray, preventing the device from working properly. Known as Gray Screen of Death, it was noticed after the Windows RT May 2015 update. A permanent solution was to reset to factory settings and then disable the updates. One user reported that pressing Windows Key + Volume Up opened narrator and magically faded the gray screen.

Disadvantages of green screen

Disadvantages of green screen include the fact that green screens provide much less grain than blue screens, which can make video look a bit more fake. As mentioned, green screen also risks color spill, which can interfere with your effects and make it more difficult to draw a key, making even the most expensive video look cheap and amateurish. It will also mean more time spent in post-production.

Green screen wins, in a way, because it’s easier to capture the necessary elements of a green screen (like a cyclorama wall for sale), most cameras are already equipped to draw a green key and the software is already set by default to work with green screen effects. You’ll also worry less about the green that shows up in your talents’ clothes, skin, and hair. Go for green screen for ease and a huge amount of artistic freedom.

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Most useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Now let’s see the most used Gmail shortcuts, the ones I think are worth remembering:


  1. / – places the cursor in the Gmail search box. Type your search and then confirm with Enter.
  2. c – Compose a new email in a compose overlay. Shift + C opens a new composition browser window.
  3. r (with an open message) – Reply online to the sender in the current email. Shift + r replies in compose overlay
  4. to (with an open message) – Reply all in the current email. Shift + a reply to all in compose overlay
  5. f (with an open message) – Forward the current email. Shift + f to advance composition overlay.
  6. e – Archive an email
  7. # – Delete an email
  8. m – Mute a conversation
  9. s – Start the current message or messages marked as important . Keep pressing s to switch between star types, if you have them enabled in settings.
  10. = – Mark the current message or selected messages as important.
  11. k – Skip to the next conversation/previous message. j – Go to next newer conversation/message
  12. p – Go to next older message in current conversation. n – Go to the next most recent message in the current conversation. Enter will expand or contract the message.
  13. u – return to inbox view from within a message.
  14. Shift + t – add the current message or selected messages to Google Tasks.
  15. Shift + u – mark the current message of the selected messages as unread.
  16. Ctrl + Shift + c – add recipients to CC. Ctrl + Shift + b – add recipients to BCC.
  17. Shift + 8 + a – select all conversations in current view.
  18. Ctrl + Enter to send the message you are composing.
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Blue Screen of death is the most annoying error for Windows users. PFN_LIST CORRUPT (stop code 0x0000004E) is another BSOD error. This mainly occurs on Windows 10 and 8.1 systems and this error may suddenly appear and restart the PC.

Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death PFN_LIST_CORRUPT is caused whenever the list of page frame numbers (PFN) gets corrupted. The PFN is used by your hard drive to determine the location of each of your files on the physical drive. In most cases, you will experience PFN_LIST_CORRUPT blue screens after installing new hardware or software. Here Follow the steps to fix this blue screen error Continue reading….

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