Which is the rarest block in Minecraft?


Obsidian is a dark purple block that is one of the strongest and most durable blocks available in the Minecraft game. This block cannot be crafted as you need to combine lava with water to do so. Just using this block, you can go to the underworld, and apart from that, you can also use it to make the ender chest and enchantment table that we have discussed in this article.


Top 5 Rarest Blocks in Minecraft

The only way to get netherite is by finding some ancient debris first. Ancient Rubble is the netherite scraping ore that you can use to make netherite ingots. Items made with netherite are the strongest in minecraft.

These blocks are only available in the Nether, and finding them is much more difficult and time consuming. The Ancient Debris is one of the few blocks in Minecraft that cannot be burned into lava and exploded. Quick mining and searching for it is the only way to find these rare blocks of ancient rubble.

Blue Ice

Rarity: Rare Item ID: minecraft:blue_ice Numeric ID: 266 Renewable: Yes

Blue Ice is a rare solid block introduced in the Minecraft 1.13 update. Blue ice is generated at the bottom of icebergs. It can also be found in frozen ocean biomes in the form of huge arched structures. You can also search for this rare block in the houses of the towns of the snowy tundra and in the chests of the ancient cities.

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Elytra are probably one of the most popular items in the game that every player wants to get their hands on, as they can only can be obtained during the endgame. Elytra are extremely rare, as it is probably the hardest item to find in the first place.

To obtain the elytra, players must find a fortress, enter the final portal to travel to the final, defeat the final dragon, travel to the outer final islands, Avoid all the enderman mobs, locate a final city and get on the final ship on top of the final city.

Overworld Blocks

The list of Minecraft blocks in Overworld Blocks is given below:

  1. Stone
  2. Granite
  3. Diorite
  4. Andesite
  5. Grass block
  6. Dirt
  7. Cobblestone
  8. Wooden planks
  9. Bedrock
  10. Water
  11. Stationary Water
  12. Lava
  13. Stationary lava
  14. Sand
  15. Red sand
  16. Grave
  17. Gold ore
  18. Iron Ore
  19. Coal Ore
  20. Wood
  21. Dark mineral wood
  22. Birch wood
  23. Jungle forest
  24. Oak Leaves
  25. Dark oak leaves
  26. Birch leaves
  27. Jungle leaves
  28. Lapis Lazuli Ore
  29. Dispenser
  30. Sandstone
  31. Chiseled sandstone
  32. Smooth Sandstone
  33. Sticky Pitson
  34. Spider web
  35. Tall Grass
  36. Fern
  37. Dead Shrub
  38. Dandelion
  39. Flowers
  40. Brown Mushroom
  41. Red Mushroom
  42. Double Stone Slab
  43. Slabs
  44. TNT
  45. Shelving
  46. Moss Stone
  47. Obsidian
  48. Torch
  49. Fire
  50. Monster Spawner
  51. Oak Wood Stairs
  52. Chest
  53. Redstone Cable
  54. Diamond Ore
  55. Crafting table
  56. Crops
  57. Cropland
  58. Oven
  59. Wooden door
  60. Stairs
  61. Railway
  62. Cobblestone stairs
  63. Lever
  64. Redstone Ore
  65. Glowing Redstone Ore
  66. Upper Snow
  67. Ice
  68. Snow (Block)
  69. Cacti
  70. Clay block
  71. Sugarcane
  72. Oak Fence
  73. Pumpkin
  74. Redstone Repeater
  75. Monster Egg
  76. Stone Brick
  77. Brown Mushroom (Block)
  78. Red Mushroom (Block)
  79. Iron bars
  80. Crystal
  81. Block of melon
  82. Vines
  83. Mycelium
  84. Water lilies
  85. Cauldron
  86. Final portal frame
  87. Cocoa Bean
  88. Sandstone stairs
  89. Emerald Ore
  90. Tripwire Hook
  91. Carrot
  92. Potato
  93. Terracotta
  94. Leaves
  95. Dark Ore (Leaves)
  96. Acacia wood
  97. Dark Oak Wood
  98. Slime Block
  99. Prismarine
  100. Marine Lantern
  101. Carpet
  102. Hardened clay
  103. Compressed ice
  104. Large Flowers
  105. Beet
  106. Podzol
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