Which is the most powerful pickaxe in Minecraft?

From the hierarchical list we’ve seen above, it’s safe to say that the Netherite Pickaxe is the most effective. However, considering the material of the tool alone won’t cut it when deciding on the best pickaxe in Minecraft.

Enchantments in Minecraft are key to getting the best version of every tool, weapon and armor in the game, and pickaxes are no exception; the best pickaxe in minecraft must have some enchantments.

Best enchantments for the pickaxe

Currently, there are 6 different enchantments available for the pickaxe in Minecraft. However, only 4 of these can be acquired from the spellcasting table. Mending and Curse of Vanishing must be found/traded to apply to the pickaxe.

  1. Efficiency (V): Increases mining speed, allowing you to collect minerals and stones faster. Having this spell will help you strip the mine faster, while also increasing how quickly you find important ores like Coal, Iron, and Diamonds.
  2. Luck (III): Increases some block drops. For example, instead of receiving 1 diamond per block, it is possible to receive 4 diamonds with Fortune III. By far one of the best spells currently available in Minecraft.
  3. Silk Touch (I): Mined blocks drop by themselves. You can use Silk Touch to collect otherwise unobtainable items such as snow, Ender crates, coral blocks, stone, shelves, blue ice, glowstone, grass blocks, spawn, and turtle eggs.
  4. Unbreaking (III): Increases the duration of the item. Another great spell, it will reduce the number of times you need to repair your pickaxe. If you’re running out of durability, you can place your pickaxe in n Anvil along with the material it’s made of.
  5. Mending (I): When you use Mending, experience orbs will repair your pickaxe instead of leveling up your Minecraft character. Very useful if you have a pickaxe that you want to keep using. However it is a rare enchantment to obtain, but a great choice if possible.
  6. Curse of Vanishing (I): If you have Curse of Vanishing applied to a pickaxe, it will be destroyed on death, making it unrecoverable. No reason to put it on your pickaxe, but great for your enemies!
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What are the best enchantments for the pickaxe?

Spells are the most powerful and resourceful things that can bestow magical abilities on your tools and weapons. You can get these enchantments if you keep adding bookcases to your enchanting table. The pickaxe is of no value without these amazing enchantments in Minecraft. The best enchantments for the pickaxe include:

  1. Efficiency V
  2. Indestructible III
  3. Mending
  4. Sharpness V
  5. Luck
  6. Touch of silk
  7. Curse of Disappearance
  8. Efficiency V

Best Pickaxe Enchantments

  • Silk Touch – Allows you to collect exactly the blocks you mine instead of the typical items they drop.
  • Luck – Has the ability to multiply the number of ores you receive from mining and increases the chances that rare items such as flint will fall from other blocks.
  • Mending: allows you to repair the pickaxe using experience orbs.
  • Efficiency: Increases mining speed.
  • Unbreaking – Has the option of not using pickaxe durability when mining.
  • Mending – Allows you to repair the ax using experience orbs.
  • Efficiency: Increases mining speed.
  • Unbreaking – Has a chance to not use ax durability when mining.
  • Silk Touch – Allows you to collect exactly what blocks you mine rather than the typical items they drop.


Unbreaking is one of the most used spells in Minecraft and is easily accessible.

This spell increases the overall life of your pickaxe to make it less likely to wear out if used excessively. The spell can be leveled up three times to give it the highest Unbreaking III.

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