Which is more laggy Java or Bedrock?

Since the Java edition was years ahead of its counterpart, the Minecraft community has a more established footprint with the older version. Because of this, there are simply more worlds to access in the Java edition due to the large amount of public servers available to play. Sure, there are some that have made the complete leap from Java to Bedrock. But in a nutshell, from now on it’s much easier for players to find a server they would enjoy in the Java edition of the game.

How to fix lag in Minecraft – 5 easy steps

Don’t worry about that; We will not share all the basic steps that you have already found on other websites. These steps will be the most unique and useful technique to reduce Minecraft lag on any android or smartphone.

You know that by just freeing up space you can reduce the lag in minecraft glitches by up to 18-26%, that’s what we want, right? Lag-free Minecraft gameplay. You may have a question now, what exactly should I do?

Create Minecraft Server for Free (

The method we are covering in this guide offers direct competition to the developer’s official Minecraft Realm servers. You can use any of the services listed below to your liking. Realms only has a paid plan, while its competitors offer both free and paid services.

  • What is a Minecraft server?
  • Best free Minecraft server hosts
  • Create a free online Minecraft server using Aternos
    • Steps to create an Aternos account
    • Create a free Aternos Minecraft server
    • Customize your server on Aternos
  • How to connect and join your Minecraft server online
  • Online Minecraft Servers: FAQs and Errors
    • “Connection timed out” errors
    • Error “You are not whitelisted for the server”
    • Can I use Aternos on Minecraft Bedrock?
    • Why is my Minecraft server slow?
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Bedrock Edition supports add-ons and offers more paid content that can be added to the game, while the Java version only allows you to install the available mods for free, such as texture packs .

So, if you don’t want to be limited by Microsoft-approved mods, you’ll have to go for the Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This is the version modified by Microsoft to make the online multiplayer experience smoother on all supported devices. Some gamers consider Minecraft Bedrock to be the original version, but this is undeniably false because the Java Edition came out first. The main downside in this version is the lack of free moddability and if you are a mod lover, they have tons of microtransactions to hole your wallet.

In the Bedrock Edition, to play maps created by others, you have to pay real money (or minecoins, you might ask, but the only way to get minecoins is to pay real money, so there’s that). This version also has a limited fan base on YouTube. Most people unnecessarily hate Minecraft Bedrock, but there really isn’t a good reason to hate it.

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