Where is the Heart of Ender?

Minecraft Dungeons might be a great game to introduce everyone to action RPGs, but it has a tough final boss. The Heart of Ender is a challenge that many players struggle to beat, especially if you’re trying to win alone. That’s why we’re here: to offer some tips and create suggestions to make this seemingly insurmountable opponent beatable.

The Heart of Ender awaits after defeating the Arch-Illager, which is frankly pathetic combat. If you’re on your own, I highly recommend saving all your lives and making sure you’re full in the final encounter. The more lives you have, the better!

How to beat Arch-Illager

Arch-Illager is the final boss players will face in Minecraft Dungeons. Since this is the last boss battle in the game, expect it to be tough.

Also keep in mind that the spike in difficulty compared to the last section is significant. To defeat the Arch-Illager, players need a plan as random attacks won’t cut it. Here’s how to beat the Arch-Illager.

Minecraft Dungeons Final Boss Guide: The Arch-Illager

A word of warning: This article will contain spoilers, so read on only if you’re okay with it. If you tried to destroy it but failed, read on to find out how to beat the Arch-Illager. If you haven’t tried to beat it yet, give it a try and then come back to reading these tips. Ready? Here we are.

You will meet this antagonist in the Obsidian Pinnacle. Your main opponent, the Arch Illager, comes in two forms in this fight. In the first phase of the battle, it will be relatively easy to beat. He will shoot more bullets or energy blasts at you. Dodge them by moving constantly and keep shooting arrows at them from a crossbow. The use of enchanted melee weapons can also be effective in decreasing his health. He may even teleport, which can lead to some frustration while playing.

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Items, Spells and Artifacts

Defeating the Arch-Illager, and then completing the Minecraft Dungeons campaign in default mode, is the main requirement to access the church in your camp. This will also allow you to start searching for all the hidden runes and then access the Secret Cow Level.

When playing only in default mode – and maybe having a few friends along – the Arch-Illager is a real pain. Conversely, if you’re playing solo and not attempting to replay most levels for loot, you may find yourself a bit underpowered.

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