Where do wardens go when they dig?

When the Guardian emerges from the ground, it doesn’t start attacking the player instantly. Players still have a chance to run away from the Guardian. But be careful, as any sound will make the Guardian detect your presence.

As the Warden locates enemies using sounds, players can use projectiles to create vibrations away from their location. If he does, he will make the Guardian move towards the sound source. Meanwhile, players will have to constantly sneak away from the Guardian to avoid making footstep noises.

Where to find a Guardian

When looking for the Guardian, you will have to dig deep into the ground to find it. He only spawns in the Deep Dark biome. The deep dark biome is suspected to spawn somewhere near the deep slate blocks, between Y=-1 and Y=-64. When you find a Deep Dark biome, you need to locate a Sculk Shrieker. It’s a strange, spiky item that will make a distinctive echo sound if you get too close. When this item rings three times, a Guardian will spawn, as long as there isn’t one nearby. Start sneaking when a Guardian appears near you.

A Guardian cannot detect you when you sneak. You want to try to do this when you enter his territory, and then you want to throw an object away from you, forcing the Guardian to turn his back on you. Because he’s blind, you can lure him by throwing objects away from you, luring him across a room as you sneak. Detects where the object falls, but not where it was thrown from.

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Where to find the Guardian in Minecraft

Screenshot via Mojang | Kacee Fay Remix

The Guardian can only be found within the Deep Dark biome located anywhere below level zero. Guardians not only roam the biome, but are summoned by noisy activity within the region.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

What is a Warden?

  • The Guardian is a blind enemy. It relies on sculk-like sensors to detect vibrations caused by objects or players in Minecraft.
  • You can hear the Guardian’s heartbeat as his heart flickers on his chest.
  • he Is twice the size of a player in Minecraft.
  • You’ll know a Guardian is near you when the cave lights around you begin to flicker. This is an indication of the presence of the Guardian.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a scary guardian in Minecraft, we recommend that you don’t fight him. These mobs are nearly invincible and are capable of killing even players in Netherite armor in just under 2 hits.
  • Once the mob starts attacking you, it will continue to attack you until it kills you. Your best bet to avoid coming into contact with the Warden is to sneak out. Wardens’ sculk sensors cannot detect anything that escapes them.
  • In addition, you can also throw snowballs and arrows to distract the Guardian, giving you plenty of time to sneak away.

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