When was herobrine created?

Alpha version 1.2.3_03 of Minecraft is one of the versions where Herobrine made his first appearances, there is a lot of speculation as to how Herbronie came about, whether it came from a file or was developed on purpose, but the truth is that since Alpha 1.2.6_01 and Alpha version 1.2.6_02, there are already stories of his appearance.


For some he is a ghost, for others he is a glitch and for others he is something like Yeti. Everyone says they’ve seen it, but no one has found it. However, there are some interesting features around him that keep a lot of interest in the story. Players are said to have encountered pyramids in the middle of the sea, or large tunnels with large areas of indefinite shape, or even leafless trees. Of course these also happened in the worlds created by the players, without having created them themselves. There are many who said items were missing from their chests. In appearance, everyone describes him as having ghostly white eyes. Those who have allegedly seen him claim that at some point he appeared to run away from them or to hide from them.

An interesting element of this character was an encounter he had on Copeland creek. While streaming in survival mode, the streamer found himself in a house where he met the famous character. Apparently he started running away himself. At first, no one knew what they had encountered, and the video instantly went viral. Of course, Minecraft vets report that the encounter was fake and that the streamer directed it. Apparently, the streamer made the plot of the game look similar to Herobrine and then pretended to react. But Copeland later admitted the incident was fake, confirming the level-headed players.

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The seed of Herobrine

Note that if you souhaitez it, you can start from the traces of Herobrine! Indeed, the seed of the map dans laquelle Hebrobrine a été aperçu la prima fois a été découvert. Mais Herobrine sera-t-il there quand vous arriverez?

Herobrine’s mod

If you like the creepy story and think it’s a shame it’s made up, you don’t have to put up with it. The Minecraft modding community makes sure that the game is as changeable as the stories told about it. With the Herobrine mod, Herobrine spawns randomly or can be summoned via a special totem made of bones and soul sand. But be careful! This Herobrine will attack you and can also destroy elements of the world.

We hope we can resolve your confusion about Herobrine. There is nothing in the fog unless you want it to be there. A round of multiplayer with real players is still more fun than chasing ghostly NPCs, right?

Who exactly is Herobrine?

Herobrine is a Minecraft ghost that haunts single player environments, according to tradition. He might look like a typical Steve, Minecraft’s original default character skin, but you’ll recognize him by his white eyes. Even if you never see him, you’ll know he’s there if you see weird 2×2 tunnels in your mines. He could be the one digging them. If you see glass gone from your environment or tree trunks with all the leaves removed, it could be his work as well. He can also appear as a cow or sheep with white eyes.

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Some people think that he is a ghost, the dead brother of the creator of Minecraft, while others think that he is just a miner who died and came back to take revenge on the players alive.

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