What’s the biggest thing in Minecraft?

Earlier this month, ChrisDaChow decided to do the impossible and create the universe. Not just our solar system or the Milky Way, but the known universe. Anyone semi-familiar with the Minecraft community in general (especially those using creative mode) knows that expansive and creative builds are part of the game. However, this might be the largest project ever done by a single builder in Minecraft history.

Chris began with the creation of the Earth, which took three days, and only got more difficult as he began to build. One of the first major features he built (outside of the Milky Way) is the structure depicted in the famous 1995 image known as The Pillar of Creation. You can see it about 12 seconds after the video. Approximately 6,500 light-years away, the image seeded gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula region, ejecting new stars.

King’s Landing

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then this is a map you must visit. Created by 175 different creators over two and a half years, King’s Landing is officially over. It is perhaps one of the most impressive builds Minecraft has ever seen. The attention to detail is obvious in each individual house, as well as the famous Red Keep monument that stands proudly on Aegon’s High Hill. Bring your sword!

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time! It has sold 238,000,000 copies, that’s enough for the entire UK population to have over FOUR copies EACH!

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The rarest item in Minecraft is the Dragon Egg. It only appears when the Ender Dragon has been defeated, at which time, the Dragon Egg will appear at the exit portal!

Sea Lanterns (Level

Looking for the brightest light level in your game? Well here you have this amazing light source. Sea Lanterns are one such light source in Minecraft which give you a light level of 15. The other perks of sea lanterns include:

  • Gives you nice light effects around your Minecraft building.
  • You can use these to feed an underwater conduit.
  • Sea Lanterns will emit light underwater.
  • You can also craft or mine them in Minecraft. With silk touch enchantment on your tools, you will extract them easily.
  • You can get them with the prismarine crystals in your inventory.

Nintendo Switch House

Are you obsessed with Nintendo Switch? Really obsessed?

If you’re practically on your Switch for several hours a day, you might as well be living on it, right? This Nintendo Switch house allows you to literally stay in the confines of a replica of this console.

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