What’s more popular Minecraft or Fortnite?

If it wasn’t already, Fortnite is officially a mainstream phenomenon. After last night’s stream where Drake played Twitch streamer Ninja and broke the single channel view record on Twitch, the game is at a new pinnacle in popularity.

While PUBG is the obvious origination point for battle royale’s popularity as a game genre, Fortnite has officially surpassed PUBG and is now approaching critical mass levels, particularly after Drake and company contributed to get people talking about the game during the Ninja stream. It’s amazing what free-to-play can do, folks:



People know when they’re being pampered and that’s something Fortnite is extremely guilty of. You see fortnite stuff, dress up in fortnite toys, dance, commercials, and it’s all very self-indulgent. The culture and promotional material of Fornite is very aggressive towards someone not playing games and this is what you don’t want when trying to get people into it.

If someone knew nothing about Minecraft and have seen some of the promotional material they would probably be somewhat interested. But if they knew nothing about fortnite and saw the promotional material in the fan base around it. He would probably retire. They wouldn’t want to try it, that’s the double-edged sword of fortnite excursion culture and it’s an advertising culture on the one hand. Most of your fans love it and it makes them want to be a part of it. On the other hand, it makes people who are not part of that community feel alienated and disinterested.

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The PewDiePie Effect

One of the main, if not the main reason why Minecraft has overtaken Fortnite is a big change in the influencers of both games.

PewDiePie, the world’s most subscribed solo YouTuber, uploaded a Minecraft video on June 21st. This was not his regular content, but many of the fans of him have wanted him to play Minecraft for quite some time now. Due to such a positive reaction, most of its content since then has been devoted almost exclusively to Minecraft, meaning many of its viewers have flocked to the game.

Which is the hardest cod or Fortnite?

The main point is that Fortnite is easier than Warzone, thanks in part to skill-based matchmaking. We wish we could dive into the details of how skill-based matchmaking works in each game, but their developers are not disclosing any information about it, so as not to allow players to exploit the system.

In a report by gaming and esports analytics website Newzoo, Call of Duty: Warzone amassed 231 million total hours played in June on consoles in the United States. Fortnite came in second with 190 million hours, followed by Black Ops Cold War with 122 million, Apex Legends with 97.7 million and Destiny 2 with 68.4 million.


However, this would be incorrect to say that Minecraft is a failure. In 2019, 180 million copies of Minecraft were sold worldwide. Thing? It’s hard to tell which game is currently in the lead when it comes to the best-selling game of all time. Only games like Tetris have sold that many copies.

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