What zombies are scared of in Minecraft?


NESQUEHONING, Pennsylvania. Local man Gavin Trujillo has inspired friends and family after publicly admitting that Minecraft can be “a little scary sometimes.”

“I’m not afraid to say it,” Trujillo confirmed, insisting that his statement be recorded publicly. “Minecraft can get a little creepy. I mean, there are all these mobs that want to hurt you when you’re mining in the caves or at night, like zombies, spiders, and skeletons. What is there not to be afraid of? And when you’re playing alone and you hear one of them behind you? No thanks!”


If you think the underwater world of Minecraft is safe and uninhabited, think again. Drowned are variants of zombies that thrive underwater and are avid swimmers. They hold different items in their hands, such as fishing rods and nautilus shells, but some wield a trident. Most of the drowned guarding the underwater ruins can quickly shoot tridents from afar Some are even known to attack players riding their boats, so you’re not safe even over water.In addition, these underwater zombies can walk on land at night and can still stay close to shore during the day, making the drowned an annoying but terrifying zombie variant.

If you haven’t heard of the ghost, you’re in luck.These nasty mobs hostiles fly Now they drenched the night sky and appeared to those who haven’t slept in days. In the past, beds were only used in survival mode as spawn points, but now, players must sleep to prevent ghosts from spawning. Ghosts are fast and relentless – they will swarm the player in numbers and deal a ton of damage in swarms.

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In Minecraft lore, evokers are basically villagers “maddened by the magic they studied”. Deranged mobs aren’t very good encounters, and it’s two main attacks: gnawing at the ground and summoning ethereal Vexes, which can deal a lot of damage in a very short time.


Zombie plunges into another wacky Minecraft adventure, except this time it’s deep in the ocean!

Zombie, Steve and his friends must visit the Ocean Monument to help prevent Minecraft from sinking into the depths of the sea.

WhiteClouds has 3D printed Minecraft monsters. Here are some examples of the work that went into 3D printing at WhiteClouds:

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