What will the 1.37 Minecraft update be?

Available in Europe and Japan and arriving today in North America, Minecraft update 1.37 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita adds support for all newly released DLC and fixes some issues.

For £1.69, the Halloween Battle Map offers a new Battle Mini Game map created with the Halloween texture set. Also £1.69, the Campfire Tales Skin Pack includes 16 spooky skins, from mythical monsters to other strange sightings. Then, for £2.49, there’s Battle Map Pack 4, which includes three new maps: ‘Climb through the deserted, snowy Excavation, sneak out into the oversized furniture of Shrunk and Hoe before a showdown in the dusty Frontier’ .

Instructions for installing and running the Minecraft game: Story Mode:

Step 1: Download and install one of the following installation files according to your device’s processor:

Step 2: Download the data file according to your device’s processor and unzip it; Com.telltalegames folder. Copy minecraft100 to Android/Obb path.

DayZ Update 1.37 Patch Notes | DayZ Update 1.17 Patch Notes | DayZ April 19 Update Patch Notes:

Console Update 1.2 Version 2.2 1.17.154721 (Released 04.19.2022).


Interface utilisateur

  • Faster recharge times when switching person positions.
  • Correction d’un problème where the Revive teaching pouvait être sollicité plus d’une fois pour certains utilisateurs.
  • Fixed an issue related to supplier interaction as Kate could produce Kate’s bow floating by mistake on the écran.
  • Correction d’un problème où dans certaines zones de guerre, tous les ennemis peuvent afficher par erreur un marqueur de diamant rouge au-dessus de leur tête plutôt que solo les ennemis retardataires restants.
  • Fixed an issue with vendor cosmetic product preview that might display incorrect hero icon.
  • Brightness parameters work correctly after launching on Xbox One S.
  • The displayed credit packs are displayed correctly when bonuses are consulted in the market.
  • The D-pad works correctly on the Crédits de la place de marché page.
  • Several text, localization and subtitle fixes in the UI and control panels.
  • Kamala’s finisseurs are no longer affichen plus de manière errata et ne téléportent pas les ennemis dans l’animation.
  • Le Hulkbuster ne parcourt plus le monde lors de l’utilisation de l’attaque par saut.
  • The Contre-mesures d’Iron Man expertise no longer hurts him-même, à his companions or aux joueurs amis.
  • Correction d’un problème où le lancement de démontages con Hulkbuster ne générait jamais d’orbes, malgré les compétences pour le faire.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Iron Man to infinitely overload his intrinsic computer using the Energy Pulse perk.
  • Fixed an issue with grav grenades that could improve players to keep Hulkbuster indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue or Kate’s strong attack that could cause the camera to pass through objects and act incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Kate Bishop’s Auto-Blink Perk quickly resolved in tenant in dégâts zones.
  • Correction d’un problème where Perfect Draw de Kate Bishop ne s’activait pas à la libération lorsque le réticule clignotait.
  • Kate’s Afterglow expertise has been too long since using her Heroic support.
  • Les finisseurs combo de Kate incrementant désormais avec précision les dégâts lorsqu’ils sont surcharges.
  • Fixed an issue with Kate Bishop’s leurre not activating when used just before teleporting with Warp Arrow.
  • Kate’s Quantum Overdrive perk can no longer be used while activating Warp Arrow, who wants to activate Quantum Overdrive here to have no effect.
  • Correction d’un problème où l’arc de Clint pouvait parfois disparaître après avoir lancé une parade.
  • A bug fix on Hawkeye’s hunter arrow failed to resolve properly, causing little damage that would occur at higher levels.

  • Ajout d’effets audio lorsque Clint launches the flèche du chasseur en mode aérien.
  • Correcting a problem or Black Widow’s Shadow Walker perk ended at all abilities of him more than enough at the Voile des ombres.
  • Correction d’un problème where the line of grappin Black Widows s’envolait parfois dans une dirección aléatoire après avoir effectué un swing de grappin.
  • Fixed an issue where Thor’s Bifrost resets the duration of Heroic background buffs.
  • Fixed character/camera tremor that was produced in march vs. a tout en visant bounce with Hawkeye, Kate and Black Widow.
  • Hulk’s Stranglehold charge status can no longer be interrupted by adapters.
  • Correction d’un problème qui pouvait parfois bloquer les joueurs dans un Warbot tombé après l’avoir vaincu.
  • Maestro ne reste plus coincé dans les airs après avoir lancé un saut.
  • L’abominio ne peut plus être saisie lorsqu’il est rétréci par les particules de Pym.
  • Correction d’un problème where the effect of the statut Gamma faisait plus de dégâts que prévu.
  • Players can no longer master nuages ​​de gaz de parade created by Purge Keepers, Plague Drones, and Plague Proto-Synthoids.


  • New Point of Interest: Nakatomi Plaza (launch)
    • The headquarters of the Nakatomi Corporation has been moved from sunny Los Angeles to downtown Verdansk for a limited time.
  • New point of interest: survival camps (launch)
    • Around Verdansk, several campsites have been converted into survival camps as a tribute to Rambo: First Blood Part II.
  • New point of interest: CIA outpost (launch)
    • One of the aircraft hangars in the northwestern sector of Verdansk has been converted into a makeshift CIA outpost , as these agents need a base to start tracking down the elusive Rambo.
  • The Nakatomi Corporation headquarters has moved from sunny Los Angeles to downtown Verdansk for a limited time.
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