What will MC 1.18 Be?

A new update is available for Minecraft, with the game getting version 1.18.30. There’s a lot here, including how worlds can now be created with 64-bit seeds. There are also a number of changes to improve damage and hunger calculations, new experimental features, tons of quality of life improvements and bug fixes, and more.

The full patch notes for Minecraft update version 1.18.30 are as follows:

Finally a new update: 1.17 and 1.18 are on the way!

Minecraft players have been waiting for many years for Mojang to finally release a new updated version of the basic version of Minecraft (Vanilla). In October 2020, it was announced during Minecraft Live 2020 that there would be such an update next year, called Caves and Cliffs. It was then announced that this update would be split into two release dates. The first Minecraft update will be released in early summer and the second in the pre-Christmas period. The division has several reasons, both technical (size and scope of the update), and related to the pandemic. In addition, Mojang has a desire to create a high-quality update.

The result is updates 1.17 (early summer) and 1.18 (pre-Christmas).

Warden in Minecraft 18: When will he arrive in the game?

Guardian in Minecraft (image via. sportskeeda.com)

To the dismay of many players, it is now common knowledge that the Warden will not be released in the game in Minecraft update 1.18.

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What’s new in Minecraft Patch Notes (1.18.10) for Bedrock Update? – February 8, 2022

It’s time for a new Minecraft game update! This time around, we’re making a load of fixes and quality of life changes. With over 100 fixes, there’s a lot to cover. Let’s dive into the highlights!

  • Added orb banner pattern
  • Iron golems now show different degrees of cracking depending on their health
  • Updated many more textures to match Java Edition
  • ) New experimental features with frogs and tadpoles
  • A huge amount of bug fixes and parity changes

Technical changes

  • The locate command is now able to find configured structures, such as deserts, villages or beached wrecks, instead of just finding the “village” or “shipwreck” structures.
  • Locate commands now use a namespace ID parameter. For example, players can locate “desert_village” using an underscore. Nameplaced IDs not only allow players to use letters or numbers, but also symbols such as slashes and underscores.
  • After the update, both locator and biome locator commands can now use helper tags.
  • Custom structures can now run in custom datapacks.
  • Custom datapacks can now manipulate how the cave spawns.
  • The new Placefeature command can place a configured feature on a specific set of coordinates.
  • The current syntax of Placefeature is “/placefeature ”
  • The ID is the configured function to be placed by the players.
  • Pos can be specified as the coordinates of where the element would like to be positioned.

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