What will happen to the glare and Copper Golem in Minecraft?

For recent Minecraft news, Mojang Studios’ ongoing title is currently working on fulfilling the promised Cliffs & Caves update for the game. So far, the developer has shared that the new title update will be delivered in two parts. It was in a later announcement that part one would be delivered in June with part two expected in the fall.

Elsewhere, Mojang Studios continues to support the 2020 release, Minecraft Dungeons. This summer, the Swedish team continued to deliver the Steam version of the game which further emphasizes the cloud save feature and cross-play with users across all platforms. Naturally, more events are expected to take place this week as Minecraft Live 2021 takes place this weekend.

Copper Golem, Allay, Glare – Minecraft Mob Vote 2021

There are three potential new mobs to vote for in Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: Copper Golem, Allay and Glare. The first of the three is a lovely pure copper helper. Unfortunately, he eventually oxidizes and turns into a statue, and I’d rather not think too much about the implications of a semi-sentient being forever frozen in place. What the golem does is press copper buttons (which will be added to the game if the golem wins the vote). In other words, you can use it to remotely trigger traps and whatnot, among other things.

The second mob you can vote for is the Allay. She is another adorable creature that looks like a blue fairy. She loves music, and dance, and therefore notepads too. What does she do? well, if you give her an item, she’ll shut down and pick up more of the same item and drop them in a nearby notepad. She imagines the grinding time this will save you.

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Minecraft Copper Golem

Minecraft Copper Golem (Image via. planetminecraft.com)

The new Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 will include three new mobs that have a chance to be added to the game:

What does a Copper Golem do in Minecraft?

Allay took first place in the Minecraft live event with the Copper Golem. Image credit: Mojang Studios

The Copper Golem wanders aimlessly, seemingly at random, interested in a nearby button, if any. They feature cute and fun idle animations that involve moving your body parts in circles or turning your head in clock-like circles while making small clicks. When they’re interested in a button, they go to it and click it, emitting the standard redstone signal. Because they are only one block tall, they cannot reach any keys above their level. (Since the copper buttons are not in the OR position, the golem will go to the other buttons.)

Which mob should you vote for

The first mob that was revealed is the glow. The Glare is a cute green creature that floats. Like many humans, the Glare is not a big fan of the dark. However, you can turn it into something quite useful for you. If you have the glow by your side, it will let you know when you are approaching areas dark enough for monsters to spawn. Some hostile mobs, such as zombies, only spawn when light levels are low enough. So, having a companion that senses darkness can be of great help.

When the Glow starts to get grumpy and throw tantrums, you know you’re approaching dangerous levels of darkness. If you’d rather avoid being attacked by hostile mobs, perhaps the Glare should get your vote.

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