What was the first Minecraft enemy?

Today, Mojang announced the first candidate to participate in the mob popular vote at Minecraft Live 2022.

The mob is defined as an ancient mob that was once part of the outside world ecosystem but is extinguished However, players could now find his eggs to bring him back. The name is “Sniffer” and it can help us grow some exclusive decorative plants.



A lone skeleton isn’t too scary, but a horde of skeletons can mean instant death. They are one of the four main hostile mobs in Minecraft and they love to spawn in multiples.


Rarely found in the overworld, slimes can appear in 1 out of 10 spawn shards, layer 40 and below. It is also found on the surface of swamp biomes at night.

The benefits of different Minecraft mobs

There’s more to some mobs than just looting them after you’ve finished them. While animals such as chickens, pigs, and sheep serve as the food source, some mobs can even be partially tamed and ridden. These include horses, donkeys, mules, and wolves. Also, there are golems like iron golem or snow golem that you need to craft. These are especially good for protecting you from enemy mobs.

Among the mobs, there are also true legends that will bring you to your knees when you see them and present very special challenges. These include the Ender Dragon, the Wither, and the Elder Guardian. The fight against them is hard, takes a long time, and victory is richly rewarded. We are not presenting you with a complete list of all Minecraft mobs here. This can be expanded in many ways with mods anyway. Rather, now you know the basic types of mobs in Minecraft and what you can expect from them. Go on a mob safari with your friends on one of GPORTAL’s Minecraft servers and get to know all the variety of Minecraft mobs.

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What is the Sniffer in Minecraft?

The Sniffer is one of three candidates for the 2022 Mojang Mob Ballot and the first to be featured. Those within the Minecraft community will decide whether this mob remains just an idea or is fully developed and introduced into Minecraft permanently.

Mojang teased the Sniffer with a short video and blog post explaining exactly what the potential mob is. The Sniffer is a mob that was “once lost”, but if chosen, it could be found and revived from extinction.

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