What was Minecraft’s first monster?

Coming in last on this list of tough and tough Minecraft mobs is the Iron Golem. The Iron Golem has been a pretty challenging opponent for Minecraft players for quite some time, with really high health and 50 hearts.

While this mob is by no means the hardest to take down, it’s definitely one of those Minecraft mobs that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. If this guy doesn’t end up taking you out with blunt blows, it will at least take you a while to defeat him in return.


Vindicators may not be the tankiest mobs in Minecraft, but they do wield a pretty terrifying iron axe. If you’re touring mansions in the woods, chances are you’ll come across them.

Fortunately, these humanoid mobs are exactly that: humanoid. They can disable your shield and can damage you (especially with lower gear), but you can do the same to them.

Allay – Second Mob

Allay will be a friendly mob that could help you throughout your Minecraft world. He loves music and seems to have a very useful ability to duplicate items and pop any item in the game. He is blue and flies around the player.

Copper Golem looks like a very useful mob for all players who love to play with Redstone and make various gadgets. It might be the first creature in Minecraft that can activate Redstone on demand. Players can build it themselves and the golem will oxidize over time similar to copper. It looks like a small golem made of copper.

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Did you know?

Beyond his aggression, the Killer Rabbit’s most striking feature is its bloody mouth, a warning to stay away no matter how small the creature.

Mushrooms came to Minecraft early in the game’s story. The mob joined the game in 2009, appearing alongside iconic Minecraft features like gold and the game’s inventory system. Today, Red Mushrooms are among the rarest variants with a spawn rate of only 12.5%.

There are various creatures and monsters in Minecraft, called Mobs. There are currently 31 Mobs in Minecraft, not including the player. There are different categories of Minecraft mobs, including passive, neutral, tamable, hostile, utility, boss, and unused.

Minecraft Passive Monsters

Passive mobs do not attack the player, even when provoked. Farm animals such as pigs and chickens can be raised for resources.

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