What should I build first in Minecraft?


To build an underground base in Minecraft, search for a large underground ravine or dig a huge hole with TnT . Put windows in the walls, hang vines and have columns of water or lava (if you want). This can be a lot of work, especially if you want to dig up larger areas for growing farms or trees.


Best Items to Farm in Minecraft

There are some useful farms you can find on the internet in Minecraft. All of them have their uses; the more important factor is whether or not you want to work on building them. Sculk farms are a great way to get a quick boost of experience. If you’re looking to enchant a lot of items, this is a farm we highly recommend creating so you can attract orbs quickly.

Also, if you need Lava, you can turn it into a renewable resource that allows you to continuously harvest it for whatever needs you have. All you need is a cauldron, a sharp dripping stone and some collected lava. Place the cauldron and place a block with the Dripstone underneath it directly on top of it. Create a bowl shape on top of that block and place the lava. Over time, more lava will flow into the cauldron, allowing you to collect it and keep your furnaces heated for a long time.

What tools will you need?

When you start out, you can use basic tools like a wooden ax and a pickaxe. But if you have the ability to collect pebbles using your pickaxe, start collecting them now. This will allow you to craft a better set of tools like the Stone Ax and Stone Pickaxe to make resource gathering faster and more efficient. Here’s a list of all the basic tools and every crafting table recipe. Take note: you can only craft tools using a crafting table.

  • Axe: Axes are used to efficiently cut down trees for wood. You can also use axes to cut down other wood-based blocks like planks. (Refer to the correct recipe below)
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Sky Base

Of course, underground is a safe place to be. Then again, it also has its fair share of dangers: unexpected lava pools, monsters, not to mention other players mining.

If you’re looking for a unique premise for your next super-safe Minecraft base, look no further than this impressive tutorial from Folli.

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