What seed in Minecraft is the best?

The world of Minecraft is randomly generated, based on a series of “seeds” that populate the world with the detail needed to create any Minecraft environment. It’s an almost limitless game world based on algorithms that will blow your mind if you try to think too much about how the programmers made it work. By default, the game takes the current system time as a basic input for a world’s initial values ​​and works with that, but luckily, the seeds can be influenced and copy-pasted into the underlying Minecraft code, allowing players to players to share the main worlds they wish to play.

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Diamonds and Bone Blocks Seed

  • Seed: -3258689556915574813

Ancient City Mineshaft

) Seed: 4189766944005904899

If you’re looking for the perfect seed for caving, look no further. Directly next to the spawn, you’ll find an abandoned mine that leads to an ancient city. There are tons of chests with great loot, but you’ll have to defeat the Wardens if you want to dive even deeper. This suit is great for those hungry for an underground adventure.

Seed -1808205616

This seed has a very interesting feature for combative Minecrafters. If you head to the coordinates 1437 90 -872, you will find not only a beautiful mountain with a waterfall, but also a quiet village under it. However, the village is governed by a Looters outpost in the center. If you manage to free him then there are more adventures waiting for you as in the caves of the mountain you can find a Monster Spawner dungeon filled with chests.

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For a more serene game, this seed will allow you to spawn in the middle of a beautiful meadow full of flowers and surrounded by trees within spitting distance of the cliffs and the ocean. That’s not where the fun ends, as very close by is an entire mansion for you to occupy and convert into your abode, with a couple of villages in close proximity too. You’ll have a functional farm in no time.

Sinkhole Village on Ice Lake Seed

Image: Minecraft / Test Guides

This is a pretty cool seed that starts you near a kind of sinkhole that features a large ice lake with a village on it. Unfortunately, this will only work with Java versions of the game!

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