What potions harm the warden?

The Warden is the first blind mob in Minecraft. As long as you keep quiet and don’t take out or put anything near him, he won’t notice you. However, with the help of his Skulk Sensor Blocks, he will react to any noise made and deal significant damage that will kill you in two hits with Netherite Armor and also in one hit otherwise. Once the Warden notices you, you can try to distract him. To do this, you will need to create sounds from a different direction than yours. You can do this by throwing snowballs, for example. The Guardian will feel the impact and run in the appropriate direction, which will give you time to escape.

If you now want to embark on the quest to track down and kill the Warden, be careful: the Warden is extremely difficult to defeat, and since he doesn’t drop any valuable loot, it’s not worth fighting. Instead, you should try to avoid any encounters with him. Two warning signs will help you notice the presence of a Keeper in time, before you make a noise and attract him. First, all light sources start flashing when a Warden is nearby. So, if you suddenly notice a flicker of your torches underground, shut up! Additionally, the Warden has a distinct audible heartbeat. If you hear this, look around and try to spot the guardian to avoid him.

Use the Strength II potion.

If you have battle experience, you can defeat the Warden by repeating the above procedures. You can even use these methods without netherite armor if you have the right skills. However, if regular fights seem too strenuous to take out the Warden, we have further options.

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A Redditor known as “u/Kanksteli” recently shared a video on the Minecraft Reddit page showing how they defeated the mob with a Forza 2 enchanted diamond blade, a power potion, and a single d ‘gold.

Nchuleftingth Public Underground

Scholars of Dwemer history have concluded that this site on the southern slopes of Red Mountain was built at the end of the Deep Elf reign for some specific research purpose, but no one can agree on what the purpose was.

Travel south from Nchuleftingth Shrine to Nchuleftingth Public Prison. Nchuleftingth is a Dwemer ruin occupied by Bronzefist bandits seeking a rare artifact. There are seven levels in this dungeon. They include the Nchuleftingth Approach, the Nchuleftingth Bailey, the Nchuleftingth Core, the Nchuleftingth Ruins, the Nchuleftingth Lavaworks, the Nchuleftingth Cathedra and the Nchuleftingth Sanctuary. A Sky Shard is also found in this public dungeon and noted on the map.

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