What potion kills the warden?

So far, we don’t know much more about the new Minecraft Warden Mob either. It is essentially a large underground monster that attacks and kills anything that makes noise. We hope you enjoy your escape from the Keeper!

A Guardian in Minecraft is worth killing

The Guardian, upon his death, will drop you three experience orbs, which is quite disappointing as he finds the deep biome and then kills the guardian is quite a difficult task, so it is not worth killing him as there is a high probability that you will die and lose your valuable items.

The guardian may be blind, but he has super powered ears which he will use to track down and kill the player, but you can distract him by throwing snowballs and eggs.

Using Crystals of the End

This is a very unusual way, but it works. In Minecraft, creativity is the key to success. If they’re up for the challenge, players can use the Ultimate Crystals to try and defeat the Guardian in one of the dumbest ways possible. The final crystals can cause powerful explosions. Players will need to use approximately nine Ultimate Crystals. To protect themselves from the guardian, players must wear blast resistance armor. If not, they will die before the guardian is even injured. Well, I would suggest something else. When you are alone and meet the Keeper, run for your life! That thing is very dangerous and surely explains the absence of all the other common mobs. No one dares to mess with the Keeper.

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If you are foolish enough to challenge him, be my guest.

Guardian Stats

The Guardian has more health than any Mob and Boss in the game. Compared to Ender Dragon (200 health) and Wither (300 health), he has their combined health, at 500 health.

For reference, a normal Iron Sword only deals 6 damage. You would have to hit the Warden more than 80 times to kill him with just an Iron Sword.

Build a small block tower

The player in the video built a small block tower so that the Warden could not physically assault him and use his ranged attack instead. He infused himself with strength and attacked the beast with an enchanted sword.

The player only took five hearts of damage when the Keeper started shooting sound waves, which were promptly repaired. The golden apple wasn’t even used to kill the Keeper.

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