What pickaxe can mine gold?

Gold is a rare mineral ore that can be present in two variants in the Overworld, Gold Ore and Deepslate Gold Ore. Gold is found in 4 groups underground between the Y levels of 32 and -64. For more information on ore distribution of gold and other similar ores, you can check out our guide on ore distribution in Minecraft 1.18.

Pickaxe used for mining

The main purpose of the pickaxe is to break stone and metal based materials faster. This includes ores, rocks and other blocks of a similar type. Each block broken by the pickaxe reduces the pickaxe’s durability by 1. However, this does not apply to blocks that can be broken instantly, as the pickaxe will not lose durability.

For each pickaxe level, the amount of use gradually increases, with netherite being the longest lasting. Pickaxe level also matters when breaking higher level ores and stones. For example, an obsidian block can only be broken using a diamond pickaxe. Breaking an obsidian block with any pickaxe below the diamond level will instantly break the block and drop nothing. So, players should be careful and take note of the right pickaxe level when mining valuable blocks.

Increase your Strength talent

Our second Legends of Idleon tip for mining gold is to increase your Strength talent. This plays a direct role in increasing your mining efficiency/power. If you’re not going to put Strength on a character, don’t bother making them a miner. You’d better create a Warrior who benefits the most from the Strength stat, while also being a great miner. That way you can devote a lot of your talent points to that stat.

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Besides pickaxes and talents, you can also increase your efficiency/power by simply increasing your mining level. If you have more than one character, you should try to make sure your dedicated miner is mining often. They will continue to gain experience regardless of whether you are playing. That’s the benefit of an idle game like Legends of Idleon, especially since there are more characters. So you can still play even if you are not on that character.

Players can mine gold in Minecraft using a pickaxe and digging down to “level Y 0-32”, as gold ore can be found at these coordinates.

In Minecraft, mining is an incredibly useful practice that allows players to obtain various ores, such as iron, diamonds, gold, and redstone. While gold isn’t as useful as some of the other materials, it can be used to craft tools and armor. Players must mine for gold to eventually find diamonds and travel safely to the Nether.

To mine gold, players will need to craft an Iron, Netherite, or Diamond Pickaxe. To craft a pickaxe, players should get two sticks and three irons or diamonds. After obtaining the resources, the player can use a crafting table to craft a pickaxe. The two sticks must be placed on top of each other in the crafting grid, starting at the bottom of the center column, while the top row must be filled with iron or diamonds.

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