What Minecraft Piglin scared of?

Piglin Trade

It is possible to trade with Piglin. Since the Piglins will only undertake a trade if they are in a neutral state, you should get a piece of golden armor in advance.

Then you can throw a gold bar at the Piglin. The Piglin will grab it, throw an object on the ground, look at the bar and catch it. Because the Piglin randomly throws an item, Piglin trade is more of a “random gold trade”. Piglins, however, only drop a certain range of items to trade. From this range, the Piglin will randomly drop one as a barter item in exchange for the given gold.

Trading system

Just like villagers, piglets have a trading system. It’s called bartering and is a bit similar to villager trading.

If you give a gold bar to a pig, it will give you a random item in return. Piglins can give you anything from rotten flesh, weeping obsidian block, or even fire resistance potions.

Piglin Behavior

Piglins are naturally hostile towards players if the difficulty is anything but Peaceful. However, there are some ways to distract or calm them down.

  • Leave objects: piglins are distracted by most objects related to gold. This distraction only lasts a short time. If you drop a gold bar, they’ll also give you something back! The list of what they might give you is shown in the Piglin Trades & Bartering section below.
  • Put on the golden armor: if you go to the Nether from 1.16 onwards, we recommend that you change your boots or helmet to golden armor instead of diamond or netherite. Piglins will not be inherently hostile towards players with a gold piece of armor equipped.
    • This does not apply to Piglin Brutes. Whether or not you’re wearing gold armor, Piglin Brutes will attack you.
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What does the crying obsidian do?

The use of Weeping Obsidian is to create portals in the Nether. Weeping Obsidian always releases purple particles, which illuminate a small area. Weeping Obsidian is a new block that will be introduced in the Nether update. Another thing about weeping obsidian is that they actually emit light, unlike regular obsidian.

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