What kills you fastest in Minecraft?

For many players, finding Endermen is the biggest problem. In the base edition of Minecraft, they seem to spawn much less often than they do in the Java edition. Different versions of the game have also had different spawn rates of this particular mob, although it is attributed to a bug and not a change in the game’s core mechanics. Endermen spawn in mobs of five, but disappear quickly, so you may have to hunt several nights before you have all the pearls you need.

Minecraft – How to defeat the Ender Dragon quickly

There’s more to Minecraft than building shelters and hiding from Creepers at night. The game includes a variety of enemies that require a lot of skill to defeat. The big dad of all is The Ender Dragon, a fearsome beast with 10 attack damage and 200 health.

You won’t see this creature flying around the world. You will have to find his house, otherwise known as The End. Even if you manage to get there, be prepared to experience the toughest combat in the game, but don’t worry. We will tell you how to defeat The Ender Dragon and get the dragon egg.

Top 10 Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition tips and tricks

Below are some of the top Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition tips and tricks to get you started!

When starting a new world in Minecraft, you will have to choose to play in Creative, Adventure or Survival mode. The difference in the modes actually comes from the activities you can do within the game.

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  • Diamond or netherite armor set. Wearing a full set of armor will help you stack some of the dragon’s damage. Diamond armor is usually all you need, but consider using the netherite set for increased knockback resistance. You can also enchant armor with Protection IV for an extra layer of defense, and you can enchant boots with Feather Fall IV to reduce fall damage for added safety.
  • Carved pumpkin. A carved pumpkin provides no additional armor when worn as a helm, but allows you to gaze upon the endermen without provoking an attack.
  • Golden apples. The best healing item for combat. Golden Apples provide the Absorption buff (grants 4 temporary health), as well as the Regeneration buff (restores another 4 health over 5 seconds).
  • Golden carrots. The most nutritious food in the game. Stock up on these to ensure full saturation during combat.
  • Healing potions. For instant health recovery during combat.
  • Potions of regeneration. To gradually restore health during combat.

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