What kills a warden fast?

Guardians are an interesting mob because they are the first to go completely blind, probably due to their dark environment. The monsters have sensors in their heads that help them detect vibrations and find their prey. That means that if you move or make noise in Deep Dark, the Guardians are likely to come looking for you and attack you. You can sneak past the Guardians, but make sure not to attack them or get too close to them as they will charge at you. Once they’ve targeted you, their heartbeat will audibly and visibly beat faster and they won’t lose track of you easily.

Therefore, you should not try to kill the Guardians and should try to avoid them at all costs. How can you escape from one if they are close? The best thing to do with the Guardians is to distract them by throwing a snowball or arrow somewhere else. They will go to the place where your projectile landed so that it is safe for you to continue and escape. Always carry a projectile to Deep Dark so you can escape Wardens.

How to find the Guardian in Minecraft?

Before fighting the Warden, you must find him. He can only be found in the ancient cities of the deep dark biome in Minecraft. If you’re not sure you’re in the right biome, just look for sculk blocks that only grow here.

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The Deep Dark biome is found mostly at elevations below y=-35. Just dig into the negative height values ​​after locating this cave biome, and you’ll come across an ancient city! Here, you can spawn the Guardian.

Some easy ways to kill the warden

Since the warden follows you by sound and remembers your scent if you attack him, wool is useful as it silences your footsteps and masks your scent . For an attack to work effectively against the guardian, your weapons must be Netherite and enchanted with powerful attack abilities. Finally, since the Guardian is 3 blocks tall and at least 1 block wide, he can’t get into tight spaces. With that in mind, here are some easy ways to kill a Guardian if you’re ever unlucky enough to run into one:

  1. Dig a 1×1 tunnel 3-4 blocks underground and attack from below.
  2. Right pillar up for 4-5 blocks and attack it from above, preferably with enchanted bows and arrows
  3. Keep it at bay using buckets of water and attack it from a distance
  4. Using lava buckets and attacking him from a distance also uses the same strategy as above but kills the Guardian faster due to fire damage.
  5. Secure your items and set a respawn point near or at the Guardian’s location and kill him over time with one respawn hit.

Recommended Equipment

Given the strength of a Warden’s single hit and the amount of health it has, the recommended equipment will be the best you can find. The most durable armor and the most powerful enchanted weapons.

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Netherite Armor and Swords with Enchants will be a must. The higher the enchantment level, the better too.

Dark effect

The dark effect is applied when a sensor detects you. This reduces your visibility to a small number of blocks around you. You can use Night Vision Potion in Minecraft to counter this. However, its effects are limited to 6-7 blocks around you. Light sources like torches and other light sources are also not good.

The Guardian’s favorite method of killing you is with his bare hands. Even if you have Netherite armor, even a full set, the Guardian can kill you in two hits. But if your armor is less than that, it might be necessary to respawn after taking a hit.

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