What is warden scared?

Only in the Underdark can the Keeper be found in Minecraft 1.19. He will no longer rise to the surface to wreak havoc outdoors. Since Deep Dark is below Y – 0, you will likely come across the biome while mining for diamonds.

Guardian in Minecraft: how to spawn

Guardian in Minecraft (image via. 91mobiles.com)

The Guardian is a blind and hostile crowd that will be found in the Deep Dark biome or in the Ancient underground Cities. they are the first blind mob in the game and will locate players using vibrations in their surroundings, making them a skilled hunter. It is a large mob, but can be spawned by players themselves if they wish.

What makes the Keeper so scary?

The developers in their Minecon sessions have attributed the Guardian a natural disaster, one to avoid and not to fight. While other mobs stop chasing and attacking a player once they become invisible, the Warden does not. The Guardian is blind and follows you at the sound of your footsteps and whenever he attacks him, he accelerates towards you with every strike. Once he reaches you, he usually kills you in one hit unless you have powerful Netherite enchanted armor, in which case you can last long enough for two hits.

The Warden is also the only mob that interacts with the biome he’s in: he can dim the lights around him, making it more difficult to aim or run away. While other mobs usually don’t attack each other, the Guardian attacks other mobs aimlessly. If you as a player attack him then he will stick to you and follow you instead of being distracted by other mobs nearby. The Warden also has the highest health in the game, even more than the Ender Dragon.

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Sonic Shriek

This is one of the most annoying and terrifying skills to deal with. Although his main source of damage is his punches, he can use a Sonic Shriek which has a long range and deals the same amount of damage as his hand-to-hand combat. However, if you get hit, you will be knocked back 5 blocks, so you may take more damage if you fall from a high point.

But that’s not all. This attack also goes through all kinds of blocks – yes, it goes through Bedrock too. Even if you build some blocks or hide behind some, you will get hit if The Warden focuses this attack on you. However, what is interesting is that this attack only affects one mob at a time. So if you’re with a friend, only one of you will take the damage while the other can still attack him.

Summon Guardian in Minecraft:

Guardians in Minecraft do not spawn naturally like other hostile mobs, even in their own home biome. To summon guardians, we use the sculk shrieker in deep and dark biomes. The sculk shrieker spawns naturally in deep, dark biomes. If the sculk shrieker detects players three times, a guardian is spawned in Minecraft.

  1. The sculk shrieker has a spherical range and expands in all directions. Find or detect players within a 16 block radius and if it is in the dark effect detect players within a 40 block radius.
  2. If you activate the Skull Shrieker twice, it will give you a warning, but if you activate it a third time, it will spawn a Warden in Minecraft.
  3. All sculk shriekers have 10 seconds to cool down, which means that if you activate the sculk shrieker and within 10 seconds you activate it again, the count is not counted.
  4. If players move out of range of the howler before he finishes yelling, he doesn’t spawn the guardian in Minecraft.
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