What is the yellow text in Minecraft?

Minecraft has added a new welcome text string to the main menu to honor the late YouTuber and streamer Technoblade, who passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. Technoblade’s death has had a significant impact on the Minecraft community, with many fans begging Mojang to implement some sort of Easter egg or memorial as a tribute to all that he had done. A petition was created asking Mojang to add a commemorative line of welcome text to honor Technoblade, and the Minecraft developer finally took action after the petition reached over 75,000 signatures.

Change text color in Minecraft on iPhone

Follow the steps below to change chat text color in Minecraft for iPhone:

  1. Find the desired text color in the color code list.
  2. In chat, enter the section symbol (§) before you start typing. To do this, open the character keyboard, then tap and hold the & symbol. Once more character suggestions appear, select the § symbol.
  3. Write the color code in front of your text. Do not use spaces between your color code and the text. For example, “§4text” will change your text to red.
  4. Enter your text and send it.

Color text for Minecraft server messages

You can also change the color of your Minecraft server’s MOTD by inserting a color code before the message. It’s as easy as changing the color in Minecraft. Only the codes are different.

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To change the color, access Server Properties or Server Files as you normally would.

Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft has different color codes. You can check what each color looks like by visiting DigMinecraft. The codes for the respective colors are as follows;

Now that you know what color code to use, you can start changing the color of the text.

Color chat messages via server console

Administrators can send color messages via server console. To do this, navigate to the “Login and Chat” window in the server console. On the corresponding input line, all commands can be executed without a leading slash, and using color codes works without a problem.

In addition to color codes, there are other formatting options available to you. For example, you can use the code “§k” to obfuscate the writing so that the characters are constantly changing and therefore rendered unreadable. With the command “§l” you can write in bold, with the command “§o” italics and with “§n” you can underline your text.

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