What is the Y level of Bedrock?

In Minecraft Bedrock 1.18, diamond ores start spawning at Y=14 and continue until Y=-64. Diamond ores start to become more common as the height level gets lower. Also, diamond minerals are almost never exposed to air at extreme depths.

This means that all levels below Y=-64 are when bedrock layers start to generate. Mostly you will want to look for diamond ore and not come across bedrock, so the ideal levels to mine diamond ore are between Y=-58 and Y=-64.

How high is the bedrock?

128 blocks

  1. Find a large lava lake in a cave. During world generation every block of air at y=10 and below is replaced by lava, so when you stand on the shore of such a lava lake you are at y=11.
  2. Find the highest rock layer (at y=3) and count to 8 blocks.

What is the best level to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 for Bedrock and Java editions

The best level to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 is Y- Level -59.

Best level Y to find iron ore in Minecraft

Although players really can find iron anywhere, from the tops of mountains to the lower levels of a cave, find good veins of iron it can be difficult. Since the major change from Minecraft 1.19, the iron levels have changed dramatically. Players can find iron anywhere from Y-levels -64 to 256, a really long range. But if you want to find the sweet spot to mine this useful ore, look no further than level Y 232.

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As per the graph below by Mojang, the developers of the game, you can see where the iron generates the most in any Minecraft world:

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Secondly, with the version of Minecraft 1.19, new locations and a new mod The Warden appeared in the underground. Unlike other enemy mobs, this mob is powerful and does not focus on vision but on hearing. The Keeper spawns below zero height at or near new locations. We didn’t exaggerate when we said he was a powerful enemy. If you are unarmored or in iron armor and a sword, you will instantly die at the hands of this mob. The Keeper will also hear you if you mine blocks. You can dig blocks without knowing that he is already waiting for you behind the wall.

Minecraft has gotten a bit more difficult in the latest versions, and now you won’t be able to pass to level Y=-59 at the first opportunity. You will have to dig above zero to get the first diamonds. And you can go down only after you get good armor and equipment.

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