What is the weirdest block in Minecraft?

There are over 300 items in Minecraft. Things you can craft and collect are everywhere and the game has been getting regular updates for 10~ years. With so much content, not everything can be a winner. This is just the law of averages and there have been many updates that have added rubbish to the game that serves almost no purpose and have quickly been forgotten. Really, it was the new Caves & Cliffs update that made us think about useless items. The update is packed with significant and important changes, adding tons of new biomes to the game world that could significantly change (and improve) the way we play Minecraft. At least, it will be when the full update comes out in December 2021.

But it also adds silly things like the screaming goat, an extremely rare goat variant that can only appear with 2% random chance and can’t They don’t even lay eggs from kids. The Caves & Cliffs update adds more things like geode and copper crystals. Copper has been a long-standing desire of fans, and I can’t say we’ve been very impressed with how copper fits into Minecraft so far. I’m waiting for the big copper wiring update.


Master Trader

Description: Trade for 1000 emeralds


Like the moss block, the candle is also a of the new blocks in the 1.17 update. Since the light source in Minecraft is very limited, some of them even look awful to decorate your build (for example torches). That’s why Candle has received a lot of positive feedback from the Minecraft builder community.

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You can use candles just about anywhere, from a medieval building style to a haunted house theme. They are easy to create with a string over a honeycomb. And they can also be dyed in 16 different colors to match the theme of the building.

Crop Dusting

Crop dusting is an exciting new Minecraft mod that lets you control how crops grow. This mod is perfect for anyone who wants to create interesting and unique Minecraft worlds. Want to have this in your Minecraft game? download the link below to give it a try.

The Erebus is a mod that adds a unique and exciting dimension to Minecraft. With new mobs, items and features, The Erebus will change the way you play. Whether you’re a fan of weird and weird mods or you’re just looking for something new and exciting to play, The Erebus is the mod for you!

The Ass of Doom

Minecraft is a game with no limits and one player wanted to test those limits. Youtuber ChronosPallas decided to build a giant butt that floats in the sky. Unfortunately for the city below, the giant buttocks, made of sand and rigged with TNT, were also designed to poop.

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