What is the warden afraid of in Minecraft?

Great news for all users of the cubic world, the appearance of a new versionMinecraft PE In it, the developers managed to fix various bugs that are directly related to the gameplay.

For example, the terrain on the maps will no longer be replaced by black voids, and the situation where the inventory key may become loose is also excluded. Also, upon entering the Edge portal, players can have no fear of falling, as this problem has also been eliminated.



The creepiest and most terrible mob, which all the inhabitants of the Deep Dark Biome are afraid of, gets new features in each update. The developers of Mojang Studios are trying to make his image more and more frightening and complex.

In Minecraft PE 1.18.32, this creature has some new features: now it will get angry at anyone who touches it. This monster finds a victim via vibrations, so if the player sees him approaching, it’s best to hide. Just wait just 60 seconds and you can keep moving.

What is a Keeper?

  • The Keeper is a blind enemy. It relies on sculk-like sensors to detect vibrations caused by objects or players in Minecraft.
  • You can hear the Warden’s heartbeat as his heart flashes in his chest.
  • he Is twice as big as a player in Minecraft.
  • You will know that a Warden is near you when the lights in the cave around you begin to flicker. This is an indication of the Keeper’s presence.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a terrifying Warden in Minecraft, we advise you not to fight him. These mobs are nearly invincible and are capable of killing even players with Netherite armor in just under 2 hits.
  • Once the mob starts attacking you, they will continue to do so until they kill you. Your best option to avoid coming into contact with the Warden is to sneak past. The Warden’s stealthy sensors are unable to detect anything passing by.
  • Additionally, you can also throw snowballs and arrows to distract the Warden, giving you enough time to sneak past him.
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Where can Minecraft players find Wardens?

Guardians in Minecraft are easily found in deep, dark caves. These biomes can be found while mining for diamonds, for example in Deep Dark Caves below Y=0. When you are in the Deep Dark Cave biome, you need a flashlight to illuminate your surroundings.

If you want to fight with Warden, you have to dig until you find Deep Dark, then you have to run as fast as you can for a few seconds until you find Warden in Minecraft. If you can’t find Minecraft after digging, you can apply the following command in chat to locate the deep dark biome.

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