What is the useless villager called?


Minecraft villager types:

Zombie villager spawns when a zombie kills a villager. Zombie villagers can also spawn with zombie villages and igloos. In which they take the place of ordinary villagers. And if you want to heal a zombie villager, throw a potion of weakness on a zombified villager and then feed him a golden apple to turn him back into a human.

Illagers are also known as Evil Villagers. The aggressor is a hostile mob. They are considered marginalized villagers. The spawning place of these villagers is the Woodland mansion. The mansion is a large and rare structure in the game. These mansions are the main headquarters of the illager villagers. There are four variants of villager illager, Pillager, Vindicator, Evoker, and Illusioner.

What are Nitwit in Minecraft?

Cretins are essentially a mob that is the most useless of mobs. They cannot be assigned to a job as they have no profession. You can think of these idiots as villagers who are just there and without a purpose. But they are part of the villagers and can be brought to the mansions, farms or your village like any other villager. The only thing that separates them from the villagers is that they have no trade.


The gunsmiths are found in the village near the blast furnace. A blast furnace melts tools, raw metals, ores, and gold armor into basic ingots or nuggets.

Armorers sell iron items such as helmets, breastplates, greaves and boots, and you can also purchase enchanted diamond items from them.

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A cleric is a wonderful job to have in Minecraft. A villager can become a Minecraft cleric to fulfill the necessities of life. You can get a lot of useful extra materials with this villager job. Villagers take on this job to earn maximum money for their life in Minecraft. Everything you need to know about Cleric in Minecraft includes:

  • Minecraft clerics trade ender peals, redstone, glowstones and many other things.
  • You can also get many useful spells and potions to make you strong in front of your enemies.
  • The block that turns a villager into a cleric is a kiosk or beer table in Minecraft.
  • They also offer you many magical items for your Minecraft gameplay. You will be able to buy many enchanting bottles or potion bottles from Minecraft clerics.
  • You can trade these items using emeralds as currency in Minecraft.

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