What is the scariest item in Minecraft?

Minecraft can be aimed at a wide audience so that children and adults can enjoy the game. However, these horror mods are strictly for mature gamers who can handle the thrills and tense scares. On the surface, Mojang has made a nice and simple video game title but some modders have been able to create a terrifying masterpiece that includes some of the most famous horror icons from blockbuster films and fairy tales.


The Summoner is a marauding mob that can only be found in woodland mansions or village raids. He is one of the most notable hostile mobs due to his mob drop, which is a totem of immortality, and any player holding one in hand will automatically revive when he dies. But this doesn’t come easily, as a summoner is a formidable sorcerer who summons the Vex that surround the player and attack in groups. Summoners prefer to stay in the off lane, dealing damage from afar while the summoned Vex do their job. This, in turn, makes it harder for players to get close to the summoner without being vexed.

One such terrifying entity is called an enderman. These neutral mobs teleport randomly in all three dimensions and usually carry around a random block. However, since they are considered neutral mobs, they will never attack the player unless the player attacks them first or the player looks them straight in the eye. When provoked, they will bare their teeth and charge at the player with extreme speed while teleporting easily when damaged, making them formidable opponents to go up against. These mobs can even teleport inside your base when angry, so you might not be safe inside your base after all.

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This character is always a controversial topic: some say they have met him or seen signs of him, while others assume that Herobrine is not real. Of course, there’s no confirmation whether he is fictitious or actually exists; the existence of him depends on your imagination. According to Cool Maths Games, Herobrine isn’t really a creepy paste – it seems to appear randomly at particular times, making it mysterious.

Not zombies, but little zombies make us relax. Their cute looks can’t hide the fact how incredibly deadly they are. The first time you see one, you might not think they’re so scary. However, in reality, these tiny creatures are morbidly dangerous: they are extremely fast and murderous.

Krokodil and other lethal drugs

Drugs are the scariest and most lethal things human beings can ever have; an addict of these chemicals can experience death without being dead. A semi-synthetic opioid called Desomorphine has greatly shaken humans and their fear. due to the shorter duration of its effectiveness. Even a negligible amount of this caustic drug injected into the body can cause lethal damage to the skin, veins, bones and muscles. Other harmful drugs considered equally dangerous are cocaine and digoxin (risk more than 20% of deaths).

If nature could be beautiful and pleasant for us, it could also be dangerous and frightening. A plant called Gympie-Gympie (scientific name Dendrocnide moroides) may look like any other bush but it’s the scariest thing in the world. Gympie is one of those fears that can take the soul out of life. D. moroides are popularly known as “suicide plants” in rainforest areas, usually found in Papua New Guinea and Australia. It is lethal due to the prickly hairs found throughout the shrub which transmit powerful neurotoxins when touched. These neurotoxins can have an unbearably painful stinging sensation that could last for weeks or even months. The victim quickly feels a repeated burning and stinging sensation at the point of contact, further intensifying over the next 20-30 minutes. During this time, the intensity of the pain can cause little or no sleep and can cause hives in the most severe cases. It has been found that workers in rainforest areas have had a horrific experience with these plants.


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