What is the scariest game ever to exist?

People say that overexposure to video games can be dangerous to your health. But has there ever been an intentionally dangerous game?

According to legend, the United States government, in 1981, produced some arcade cabinets that were shipped to various arcades. Those lockers contained the game Polybius, named after the ancient Greek historian.


Alien Isolation


You’d think that just really having to avoid an enemy would make this game a lot less scary, but think again! I actually played this, in the dark, under a blanket, while my buddy Kevin watched from a distance after nudging me into taking over. I was doing fine until the controller literally slipped out of my hands because they were so sweaty, and that was when the alien found me. Thanks so much Kevin.

Shadow of Destiny / Memories

Release Date: February 22, 2001 (Multiple) Video: Shadow of Destiny/Memories Trailer

Shadow of Destiny (aka Shadow of Memories) is an adventure game for Playstation 2, Xbox, PC and PSP with horror themes, which at its core is a murder mystery title. However, you are not trying to solve a murder instead of traveling through time to prevent your own murder from happening. You take on the role of Eike Kusch in the German city of Lebensbaum and through a series of chapters and adventure game mechanics (collecting items, solving puzzles, etc.) you must travel through different time eras to stop your death, collecting units of energy that they travel through time to do these time jumps. You don’t have health, but you have to respect two clocks, one that passes into the present time and one that presents the time of the period you are currently in. doing in the past affects the future. The game is lost if you don’t return to the present period by your moment of death, or if you are unable to resolve what you need to do before all your revivals are done (or at least you get the worst ending). The game features an ingenious storyline and some rather interesting twists on the Adventure genre, multiple endings, and although it is a bit slow to move forward, it evolves into a very interesting and clever setup doubled with satisfying gameplay. The game was remade in 2009 for PSP with improved voice acting.

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System Shock 2

Release Date: August 11, 1999 Systems: PC Developer: Irrational Games Publisher: Nightdive Studios

From the brilliant mind of Ken Levine comes System Shock 2, another historical landmark for video games. This game hit the history books with its strong story, environmental design, and famous twist at the end. The story follows an unnamed soldier who wakes up in the aftermath of a genetic infection. You are contacted by one of the survivors, Dr. Janice Polito, and she gives you your mission: to stem the infection, collect all remaining survivors and leave.

Home Sweet Home 2

Home sweet home is a Thai horror game that shows Thai culture and ghosts in their imagination. The story and graphics of the game make the player scared of every jump scared moment that might appear. This game is published by Ningbo Inception Media who rated 7 out of 10 on Steam. Home sweet home episode 1 of its generation is also a good horror game.

Download link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1098940/Home_Sweet_Home_EP2/

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