What is the rarest potion in Minecraft?

The key to success in a sandbox game like Minecraft is imagination. And when it comes to potions, this is obviously evident. Players have tons of choices with potions, which can do everything from making you invisible to resisting fire. Not to mention that gathering the rare ingredients for most potions is usually time consuming. So, we have created a list of the best potions in Minecraft to make it easier for you to focus on only the essential and beneficial ones. You just need these potions to become a survival game expert in the Minecraft universe. We have listed the essential components along with information on the impacts of each. Let’s take a look at the top 9 most useful Minecraft potions.

Night Vision Potion

Another amazing Minecraft potion that deserves a worthy mention among the best potions to brew in Minecraft is the Night Vision Potion. Let’s take a break from combat for a moment and check out the night vision potion. It offers you the ability to see in the dark, as the name suggests. It is useful when dealing with rioters at night.

This isn’t the only reason players take this potion. It is one of the best potions to brew in Minecraft because its best feature is the ability to see behind the surface. This means you won’t have to worry about torches when mining underground or in Minecraft 1.18’s stalactite caverns. At least during the duration of the potion.

Embarrassing Potion

Embarrassing Potions have no effect but are used to create most Potions. You can get embarrassing potions by brewing 3 bottles of water, 1 will-o’-the-wisp, and 1 fire powder on a brew stand.

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Once you have the basic ingredient, it’s time to get a poisonous item to create a poison potion in Minecraft. A Spider Eye can be obtained as loot dropped by Spiders and Witches. However, getting them is not child’s play and would require patience.

Slow Fall

Requires: Embarrassing Potion + Phantom Membrane

When dealing with high mountains or ravines, having the Slow Fall potion in your inventory can make all the difference between life and death. Other than slowing your falling speed, you will not take any damage when you hit the ground. It also indirectly increases your jumping distance to nearly six blocks, and you won’t destroy any crops by jumping over them.

Strength II

Recipe: Embarrassing Potion + Burning Dust + Glowstone

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