What is the rarest Minecraft item?


5 rarest items in minecraft in all sizes

Mob heads are the item which is shaped like a mob’s head and is not available to be found anywhere of the world such as chests and treasure chests. However, there is only one method to get it and that is by exploding a charged creeper near the crowd you want a head from.

However, there are two rare mobs that can only fall on rare occasions. These are the Wither Skeleton head that rarely drops when players kill a Wither Skeleton. Another is the Ender Dragon head which can only be found on the front of an End Ship which has a rare chance to spawn an End City.

Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg is considered the rarest item in Minecraft. The reason for its rarity is that there is only one egg available per world. While players can kill the Ender Dragon more than once by returning to the End again, the Dragon Egg only drops after the death of the first Ender Dragon a player kills. It’s a reward for killing the Ender Dragon, it takes a little more work to collect the egg. However, you cannot use this item in Minecraft, it’s just an in-game achievement/trophy.

The large fern in the item state is not easy to obtain. Thus, it is among the rare items in Minecraft. Players can obtain Large Fern by trading with a wandering villager in the game.

Blue Ice

Blue Ice is a rare solid block introduced in Minecraft update 1.13. Blue ice forms at the bottom of icebergs. It can also be found in frozen oceanic biomes in the form of huge arched structures. You can also search for this rare block in snow tundra village houses and ancient city chests.

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Other Side Music Disc

The other side music disc was first introduced in Minecraft 1.18. In Minecraft, whenever new music comes out, they’re usually popular, especially those on music discs that are usable in the game. Music Discs are all quite rare as each has its own specific location for players to loot from them.

However, some of these music discs are nearly impossible to find, and most players can even complete the game without ever encountering all of them. As for the other side of the Music Disc, it can only be found in about two places within the game: inside a Stronghold Altar Chest and inside an Ancient City Chest.

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