What is the perfect starter pet?


When it comes to caring for pets, dogs require dedicated training, time, effort and many care items such as toys, beds, leashes, etc. Cats need daily scooping of litter, feed, play time, and odor control if they are indoor-only pets. When a child is young or an adult is inexperienced in pet ownership, jumping right off with a very nervous Thoroughbred can be A LOT to handle. If you’re not ready to launch with the level of commitment required by dogs and felines, here are some safer alternatives that would be less adaptable.



While many people find birds annoying and noisy, they really make great pets. They interact well with other birds, are easy to groom, and some breeds, such as budgies and parrots, can be taught to talk. Canaries and finches are really playful and are great with young children.

There are dogs and then there are cats. So for those of you who prefer the feline variety, a cat would make an excellent family pet. They basically groom themselves, require very little training, and are super cuddly.

Guinea Pigs



Alas, it’s a right of passage into a child’s life owning a fish for a pet. Fish are amazing to watch and, thanks to Nemo, they make great silent companions for kids. They are easily one of the best pets for children. As long as you give them a tank to swim in, daily food to eat, and clean their habitat regularly, your fish can live for years and years. Or you can do all of these things and one morning when your child is filling his bowl of cereal in the kitchen, he’ll notice little Swifty floating eerily on top of the bowl. Not a fun conversation to have. But I guess that falls within the territory of having a pet.

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The cat is undoubtedly one of the best pets that can be seen in so many families. Many decide or choose to adopt from a shelter or buy a cat from a breeder. If you prefer a kitten as a pet in your household, be aware that they will need some adjustments, although they are very playful and energetic.

Some pet lovers may opt for an adult cat, and it will be a good idea to ascertain the origin and where it comes from in the shelter. You need to understand his character, general health and how he interacts with children. Most cats make friendly pets and are adored by children, thus building a solid bond.

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