What is the oldest name of Roblox?

Roblox is a very popular online game, which allows its players to play and create their own. It is a multiplayer game where players from all over the world interact with each other in their battle. This game has quickly become popular not only in certain countries but also all over the world. The sport has entertained the online players due to its distinctive features. Roblox had a few different names that many people weren’t aware of.

The original name of Roblox was DynaBlocks. Creators David Baszucki and Erik Cassel named it in 2004. The game was developed in 2003. Its beta version, called DynaBlocks, was launched in 2004. It also had another name GoBlocks. In 2005, they renamed it Roblox as the previous name was hard to remember. Since then, this online gaming platform and game creation system, DynaBlocks has been called Roblox, which most of us are now familiar with. This game was also called Roblox v.10, according to DomainTools screenshots. In 2006, the website came out of beta and was officially launched.

We start our list of older Roblox games with Dodge the Teapots of Doom. Dodge the Teapots of Doom is very similar to the popular Obby games. It is a simple game where the player tries to dodge large teapots. The game grew in popularity for a time and the number of visitors quickly rose to over 1.15 million.



The word Roblox is two words one is Robots and other is Blocks, from games you can easily see the implementation of Roblox name. Roblox currently has more than 45 million active users and is considered one of the best online gaming platforms.

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Roblox Original Name

Roblox was originally called DynaBlocks when it was still in beta stage. Co-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel created the beta version of Roblox in 2004 under the name DynaBlocks.

However, the name was hard to remember so it was renamed after a year. In 2005, the DynaBlocks name was changed to Roblox. Since then the online gaming platform and game creation system DynaBlocks has been called Roblox. Which most of us know.

Did you know?

Although Chaos Canyon is an official Roblox game, it features community-created templates by PilotLuke, tingc222, and Yahoo users.

Creation date: April 24, 2007 Creator: ROBLOX Total number of visits (as of 2020): over 774,200 Genre: Multi-directional shooter Modes: all still playable: yes

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