What is the number 1 rule in Minecraft?


How to keep your inventory when you die in Minecraft

have personal inventory, such as armor, weapons and tools. It makes the game more interesting for some players while others find it infuriating.

Fortunately, if you want to keep all your tools and armor, you can do so by customizing the game and creating some useful editions that allow you to change the main actions of the game. There are several cheat codes for minecraft, and the best ones are powerful enough to change those main variables. If you don’t want to follow the rules, the first thing you should do is make sure your world supports cheating. Here’s how you can do it:

Be part of the Minecraft family

  • Always treat others with respect. This is the golden rule! Do not abuse or humiliate others in any way. Trolling is not allowed and may result in a permanent ban from the server.
  • Respect the decisions of moderators and staff, and let them do their jobs accordingly. Any disagreements or concerns about staff decisions should be done privately through our Discord Channel.
  • No inappropriate usernames or nicknames. You also may not use /nick to impersonate any staff member or server member. Impersonation will result in a ban.
  • Inappropriate Minecraft skins, images, capes, signs, or construction are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, hate-based images, items resembling genitals, etc.
  • No cheating of any kind allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, using customer mods to gain an unfair advantage over others (see the Using Mods… section for more details).
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No offensive content allowed

As we said before, on this Minecraft server, humiliation is not allowed. Mild swearing is allowed, but you cannot directly abuse someone or severe vulgarity that provokes someone.

You may need to rename or remove your offensive usernames, mob names if the staff team wants to. It is strictly prohibited to threaten other players, send personal information without the consent of the other player, racism and sexual harassment through abusive messages.


The last action you can take on your turn is to reserve a craft card. You will perform this action when you want a Crafting Card, but currently do not have the Resource Cards to acquire it. By doing this, you will add the chosen card to your cardholder. On a future turn, you may take the Craft action and pay the resources needed to craft the card. You can only have one card in your holder at a time, so you will need to create your holder’s card before you can reserve another card.

This player has decided to use one of their actions to reserve the diamond hoe. In a future turn, they will have to use a diamond and a wood to make the tool.

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