What is the most powerful gun in Minecraft?

How to obtain: Create a bucket, then use it on a source block of lava.

5 best weapons in Minecraft

Bows are one of the best ranged weapons in the game as well as being one of the best weapons. They can be equipped with arrows and even some pointed arrows to make them stronger.

However, without a doubt, the Infinity Spell is the best pairing players can have with a Bow. This makes ammo infinite and players don’t have to worry about running out.

Minecraft Weapons Overview

While all tools can deal damage to enemies, only swords, axes, tridents, bows, and crossbows can be considered true weapon choices in Minecraft. Sure, you could hit the mobs repeatedly with a shovel or pickaxe, but the damage is so weak that you’d be better off using one of the weapons mentioned above!

Here’s an overview of each Minecraft weapon and their differences:


We’ve talked about the Crossbow as an exciting weapon, but Trident is as close as it gets Crossbow when it comes to options between weapons that can make you fall in love with them.

The trident is the weapon used in both melee attacks and long-range attacks. You can use it in combat and also in long range combat.

Bows and crossbows

You have the long range covered by the bow and crossbows. Both have their uses. The main one is that they provide long range attacks behind the safety of cover. At a basic level, the crossbow would seem to be the better weapon than the bow in Minecraft. But when you involve Charms, the game changes. You can have an Infinite Flame Bow that will rain infinite fire on your enemies or a Quick Shot Crossbow that will quickly decimate your enemies. Both are a good option as a main weapon or as a secondary weapon in Minecraft.

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Swords are a staple in Minecraft PvP. You’d think a sword, built for combat, would be the best weapon in Minecraft. Well, that’s not true, it’s not even second best. While it’s not the best, it can still deal a lot of damage. It’s quick and easy to use, and requires fewer resources than the best weapon on this list. Among the variety of swords, the Netherite one is the best as it can deal 8 points of attack damage which equals 4 hearts of health. With a Sharpness V enchantment, it will deal 11 damage, and with a critical hit, it will deal 15 damage. This is enough to bring a person down.

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