What is the most invisible block in Minecraft?

A barrier is an invisible and transparent block usually used to create boundaries in multiplayer maps and servers. You can only see the barrier block when holding one in your hand in creative mode.

After discovering barrier blocks, most players switch to creative mode in hopes of getting barrier blocks. Unfortunately, Barrier Blocks cannot be accessed using the Creative Menu. The only way to get barrier blocks is to use the give command.

How do I get a barrier block in Minecraft?

Two things to note about barrier blocks are that they cannot be obtained by simply crafting the block on a workbench or smelting it inside a furnace. Barrier Blocks are unique in that they are only obtainable in-game, using in-game commands. Like command blocks, puzzle blocks, and structure blocks, the only way to get a barrier block in the game is to use the /give command. And because it’s only obtainable through commands, it’s also considered a “cheat” in the game and can’t be accessed in survival mode unless cheats are enabled. However, getting a barrier block is very useful, especially due to its unbreakable status. It cannot be broken through in any other way than by using another barrier block at hand. Thus, you can use the barrier blocks freely without any risk of them deteriorating or burning. And it’s worth noting in a survival game with cheats enabled; a player will only receive one barrier block in their inventory unless the command explicitly states that they will receive a specific number of barrier blocks to use. However, this is not the case in creative mode, as obtaining a single barrier block will automatically have unlimited uses.

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To get a barrier block in Minecraft, follow the steps below:

The command for the barrier block

The command for the barrier block is the same on all platforms supported . The thing that differs from platform to platform is how the block should be entered. The command is as follows:

is where you have to write the username of the player you want to give the barrier block. is the number of barriers you want to give your chosen player.


Invisible blocks in Minecraft are structures intended not to be directly visible to those who don’t control them. This is because they are usually used for creating maps and other interesting purposes in the game. Despite the invisibility, there are also cases where they are actually seen even with the main intention of “not being seen”.

Barrier Blocks in Minecraft – Java

Here I will tell you how to get barrier blocks in Minecraft Java edition.

In java edition you can use the same command –

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