What is the hardest item to craft in Minecraft?

There are over 300 items in Minecraft. Things you can craft and collect are everywhere and the game has been getting regular updates for 10~ years. With so much content, not everything can be a winner. This is just the law of averages and there have been many updates that have added rubbish to the game that serves almost no purpose and have quickly been forgotten. Really, it was the new Caves & Cliffs update that made us think about useless items. The update is packed with significant and important changes, adding tons of new biomes to the game world that could significantly change (and improve) the way we play Minecraft. At least, it will be when the full update comes out in December 2021.

But it also adds silly things like the screaming goat, an extremely rare goat variant that can only appear with 2% random chance and can’t They don’t even lay eggs from kids. The Caves & Cliffs update adds more things like geode and copper crystals. Copper has been a long-standing desire of fans, and I can’t say we’ve been very impressed with how copper fits into Minecraft so far. I’m waiting for the big copper wiring update.


How do you make a stick in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, sticks are used for a variety of purposes, from making tools and weapons to constructing buildings and bridges. But how do you build a stick? The process is quite simple. First, you’ll need to collect some wood. This can be done by breaking leaves with your hand or cutting down trees with an ax. Once you have collected enough wood, you can use a crafting table to craft it into planks. Then, all you have to do is place two planks in the center of the crafting grid and voila! You have a brand new cane.

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One of the most critical things in Minecraft is staying safe, and one way of doing that is by crafting armor. Here’s how to craft some of the most common types of armor in the game.

Pigstep Music Disc

The Pigstep Music Disc is probably the most challenging for Minecraft players to get their hands on, as it can only be found within a bastion leftover chest with a 5.6% chance to randomly spawn within one of them. And unfortunately for survival players in Minecraft, the bastion rest is a much rarer structure to find than a lower fortress.

The lower dimension alone is hard enough to explore on foot, making things easier, even more complicated and dangerous. Finding a pigstep music disc during one of your games will mean that you have found one of the rarest items within one of the rarest structures in the game. This also means that you’ve been challenging the Nether for probably a longer time than most players, which alone will mean an outstanding achievement for you.

Did you know?

Heart of the Sea’s sole purpose is to create the Conduit, which is an underwater beacon that attacks hostile mobs underwater and provides underwater breathing, night vision, and haste to players swimming nearby.

The Totem of the Eternal is an extremely useful item, but quite rare. Technically, Minecraft lists the Totem of the Immortal as uncommon rarity, however, woodland mansions are hard to come by. Woodland Mansions spawns tens of thousands of blocks away from the spawn point and only in Dark Forests or Dark Forest Hills. However, if a player manages to find a Woodland Mansion, killing an Evoker (the enemies of Woodland Mansion) will always result in a Totem of Undying drop. Summoners also appear in Raids from Wave 5 and up. Once a Totem of the Undying is used, it is destroyed and the player must obtain another one.

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Totem of the Immortal

Totem of the Immortal (image via. minecraft-archive.fandom.com)

The Totem of Immortality is one of the most desirable items as it allows players to resurrect if they die while holding it. This makes it essential in survival mode, but it can only be found as a drop from one mob in the game.

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