What is the hardest boss in Minecraft?


There are a lot of variants of Stone Talus around the world, some are more difficult than others. Some of them have the ore deposit (the area you hit the Talus to damage them) located in harder to reach sections of rock.


The Witch has been a staple in Minecraft for many years, flaunting some cunning and seriously annoying tactics that can get the best of us at the worst of times. Witches often roam, often at night, and have powerful Minecraft splash potions that they use to deal damage to players, while also healing and becoming stronger.

Although witches aren’t necessarily strong in terms of brute strength, since they only have 13 hearts, they are still very frustrating to deal with most of the time. Facing them doesn’t always come down to the strength of your character, it will take more skill and strategy than usual to finally free yourself from the curses of this mob.

Elden Ring The Hardest Bosses Ranked By Difficulty

First, a disclaimer. When you come face to face with a boss, there are many factors that will determine how easy or difficult the enemy is. Your build, your level, the type of weapons you are using, your skills in Soulsborne games and when you meet the enemy. With this in mind, I’ve compiled this list of the hardest bosses to beat based on overall difficulty. Depending on your gaming experience, you may find some boss placed in the wrong order or missing entirely here. That’s fine as long as you had fun beating them. You may or may not agree with this list, as each player will have a unique experience.

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Valiant Gargoyle & Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade)

One Valiant Gargoyle is stressful enough. Fighting two of them is absolutely terrible. Far too fast for their size, these huge statues are relentless and can hit like a truck. The only saving grace here is that you don’t start the boss fight by fighting two of them.

When you enter the arena, you will first fight a Valiant Gargoyle. This enemy swaps wielding a sword and a halberd. Once you deplete half of his health, the second Valiant Gargoyle will join the fight. He wields a twin sword and an axe.



The Ravager is one of the scariest non-boss mobs that are extremely hostile towards players, villagers, iron golems and wandering merchants.

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