What is the fastest seed in Minecraft?

Screengrab via Mojang

This suit features a rather unique spawn for speedrunning that gives players different possibilities. A lava pool is just a few blocks from the spawn which is perfect for creating a Nether portal, a resource-rich village can be seen from the spawn, and an incredibly rare woodland abode which is usually found thousands of blocks away is also within walking distance.

World Record: Minecraft Speedrun Fastest Random Seed (Any% Glitchless) In 1.16.1

Right now, Finnish player Cube1337x holds the world record in Random Seed discipline with 9 minutes, 8 seconds and 820 ms (game time).

This seed, along with Cube1337x’s gameplay, is, like any speedrun: very interesting to watch and shows how healthy the speedrunning community is as you can see many previous world record holders and other speedrunners in the comments, praising Cube1337x for his success. Even though the scene is competitive, people are generally there for each other and often try to better someone else’s strategy. As Cube1337x stated, it took him more than nine months to pull it off.

Abundant Resources

  • Seed Code: -1857141965
  • Biomes: Snow Taiga
  • Snow Village Coordinates: X: 836, Y:75 , Z:119
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 722, Y: 63, Z: 276
  • Looter Outpost Coordinates: X:563, Y: 72, Z: 276
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X:960, Y:63, Z: 52

Resources Abundance is another one of the best Minecraft Speedrun seeds which spawns you right in the middle of an endless snowy taiga. But it must be ignored. You need to head to the only snow village, which would be just a few blocks away from your spawn point. It’s filled with blacksmiths, a shipwreck, a looting outpost, and even a near-ruined portal!

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Dwelling, lava and more

Seed: -8767654563534078661

A mansion is a fantastic structure for gathering resources and this seed has one just off the spawn. And if you need gold, the mansion is near a Mesa biome. Once you’ve run this seed a few times, you’ll quickly realize how a Mesa Biome, Mansion, and Lava Surface all combine to make one awesome speedrunning seed.

Seed: -6798331664095837875

If you enjoy watching Dream, the best Minecraft player on this planet, then you must love this seed in Minecraft. This seed was used by Dream himself and is full of buried treasure and easily found resources. If you think you can do better than Dream, you should definitely check out this seed in Minecraft.

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