What is the deepest layer in Minecraft?

As mentioned, Bedrock is the hardest block in all of Minecraft, so it’s no surprise that you can’t mine Bedrock, at least not by the normal rules of Survival Mode. Bedrock exists in the deepest layer of any Minecraft world, which is around the y -64 layer.

Not even a fully enchanted Netherite Pickaxe or TNT can pass through Bedrock. It is possible to acquire Bedrock through various glitches or commands, but you are not intended to have access to it. Beyond the Bedrock layer is a giant void void of nothing, and anything that falls into it will quickly die.

Find gold by exploring caves

Cave exploration, also commonly known as spelunking, requires less time and tool usage than normal mining. However, it might be dangerous as caves give you more chances to fight with monsters.

To find diamond ores when entering caves, look for entrances above ground. Mine and work up to level 15 and below.

Where to find diamonds in Minecraft v. 18

Unlike Minecraft version 1.17 and earlier, diamond ores now spawn below the height of Y=16 and can spawn down to the deepest layer, ie Y =-64. The fact that you may have known by playing over the years is still true: the deeper you go, the more diamonds there will be. Similarly, there will be more diamonds near the lava, so we suggest you bring a bucket of water, more on that later.

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These numbers won’t mean anything unless you know how to show coordinates in Minecraft. It’s also vital to keep in mind that the coordinates show the block your feet occupy, not the one they’re on. Therefore, diamonds start generating at layer Y=15. That’s not all: Diamonds mostly spawn in groups of 1 to 4 towards the upper limit.

Minecraft: How to Breed Frogs

Secondly, with the version of Minecraft 1.19, new locations and a new mod The Warden appeared in the underground. Unlike other enemy mobs, this mob is powerful and does not focus on vision but on hearing. The Keeper spawns below zero height at or near new locations. We didn’t exaggerate when we said he was a powerful enemy. If you are unarmored or in iron armor and a sword, you will instantly die at the hands of this mob. The Keeper will also hear you if you mine blocks. You can dig blocks without knowing that he is already waiting for you behind the wall.

Minecraft has gotten a bit more difficult in the latest versions, and now you won’t be able to pass to level Y=-59 at the first opportunity. You will have to dig above zero to get the first diamonds. And you can go down only after you get good armor and equipment.


Ore Block Biomes Max Height Range Best Height Range QuartzAny10 – 12510 – 114GoldAny10 – 11615 – 95Ancient DebrisAny10 – 11913 – 23

Note: This information is current up to the first half of the Caves & Cliffs update, titled Minecraft 1.17. These levels will change for the second half of the Caves & Cliffs update, titled Minecraft 1.18.

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