What is the best castle in Minecraft?

A medieval castle with a Thegide village that has a village around it. I like this idea because there is a protected fortress for you, with minecraft houses built on the outskirts. This medieval castle is mostly made of stone and wood which makes it pretty simple for survival mode.

Diorite Medieval Castle Design

Another Stevler entry, this diorite medieval-style castle is the direct antithesis of the earlier black stone castle. While it follows a similar design, it is built into and on top of a hillside, leading him to focus more on the height, rather than the size of the foundation.

Blackstone Medieval Castle (by Stevler)

This dark age castle design is a great choice for anyone wanting a medieval themed and mystical castle as it was created using bricks and darker stone. Its dark stone and classic stone walls contrast well with its wooden ceilings, designed in unique shapes and sizes with intricate stitching at each peak.

Its windows are uniquely shaped in each section, topped with sills, shutters, stylized beams and eye-catching details. Its watchtowers are detailed, with realistic-looking outposts and shelters. The center of the kingdom houses the main focal point, topped off with a smoking fireplace and some greenery.

Little Castle

Who says Minecraft castles have to be big and sprawling to be beautiful? Certainly not Balzy, a YouTuber who built this beautiful 11×13 medieval castle. It is also fully stocked and completely usable! It has barracks, a horse stable, an armory, lots of storage space, a blacksmithing area, and much, much more. This is one of those versions where you have to see it to believe it, so be sure to check it out here.

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Moorish castle

Moorish castle made by diamondofnetherite

Arab palaces are castles with a single structure with spherical domes. If you’re a fan of Disney’s Aladdin, you know exactly what these towers look like. With white or sandstone walls, you can build a perfect castle set in a desert biome. In the yard, you can easily design an oasis with a pond and plants. Inside, be sure to include a treasure room, as well as a wide open throne room. While not a complete castle tutorial, this video by ItsMarloe is helpful in helping you make the side towers and round tops in Minecraft. If you’d rather download a map with the castle in the screenshot above, check out PlanetMinecraft for the diamondofnetherite pack.

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