What is the best armor to fight golem?

When you explore the Highroad Cave dungeon, you will eventually encounter a Guardian Golem boss at the end of the dungeon. Luckily defeating this boss is relatively easy. Start by equipping your best armor and a fast, heavy weapon like a mace, flail, or axe.

You will also need to bring along one of your best summonable spirits, such as Godrick Soldier Ashes. If you don’t have these spirits yet, you can find them in a graveyard near Stormveil with lots of jellyfish.


General tips

  • Attacking the boss’s ankles is a good way to break his stance and make him vulnerable to a critical strike.
  • Standing behind the boss allows you to avoid most of the attacks that are more dangerous than him.

This boss’s attacks are slow and predictable, so be sure to hold the weapon in both hands instead of holding a shield in the other. With that in mind, run up to the boss as you enter the room and start attacking his ankles using heavy charge attacks. While you won’t be able to stagger the boss before the fight starts, you won’t be too far off. Stay at the boss’s feet, as he doesn’t have many ways to attack you when you’re that close. So not only is attacking the ankles by far the easiest way to defeat the boss, being in melee to attack him is also the safest place to be. Keep using Heavy Charge Attacks or Heavy Jump Attacks to attack the boss while he’s too busy swinging his weapon wildly, all while not being able to hit you.

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How to kill the Stone Golem in Valheim?

To defeat a Stone Golem in Valheim, you must don wolf armor and use a pickaxe to attack its back, dodging its slow attacks.

The Stone Golem might look frightening towering over you, but like other creatures in the game, they have a weakness. Stone Golem has Boulder arms or spiked arms. Both golems have two types of attacks: one light and fast attack and another slow and heavy attack. As they perform their slow attack, you can dodge behind them and attack using a pickaxe. Golems take greater damage from a pickaxe, as they are made of stone.


The Gold or Platinum Armor sets are both great choices when you’re setting up to kill some of the easier bosses. The gold armor set provides 16 defense while the platinum armor set is a bit stronger, increasing the defense up to 20. Both can be mined with a copper pickaxe, so getting them shouldn’t be a problem.

Gold armor – made with 90 gold bars on an iron/lead anvil.


The best armor for melee builds is Beetle armor. Provides amazing offensive and defensive bonuses:

  • Plus 73 defense
  • Plus 8% critical chance
  • Plus 14% melee damage
  • Plus 12% MS

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