What is the best 1.16 speedrun seed?

The best 1.16 speedrun seed

The best Minecraft Speedrun seeds will offer you tons of resources and a fairly easy way to get to the endgame. These suits have been used by streamers to set world records, and some have even given you surprises along the way. There’s no way to describe them, rather it’s best you check them out yourself.

A mansion, mesa biome, and lava combine together to create one of the best speed suits in Minecraft. All the resources you will need will be found near your spawn point as the Mansion has it all. Be sure to check out this specific seed, check out everything there is about it, and once you’re ready, you’ll literally outgrow it in Minecraft.

Speedrun Seed 2483313382402348964 version 1.16

This seed that has been used in some successful speedruns. Spawning this seed puts players in a hearty village that also has a ruined portal and enough obsidian in nearby chests to easily complete it. Spawning the Nether from stepping through this portal leads players directly to a plentiful remaining bastion.

Speedrun Seed : Abundant Resources -1857141965

  • Seed Code: -1857141965
  • Biomes: Snow Taiga
  • Snow Village Coordinates: X: 836, Y:75 , Z:119
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 722, Y: 63, Z: 276
  • Looter Outpost Coordinates: X:563, Y: 72, Z: 276
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X:960, Y:63, Z: 52

Resources Abundance is another one of the best Minecraft Speedrun seeds which spawns you directly in the middle of an endless snowy taiga. But it must be ignored. You need to head to the only snow village, which would be just a few blocks away from your spawn point. It’s filled with blacksmiths, a shipwreck, a looting outpost, and even a near-ruined portal!

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