What is the 2nd rule of Minecraft?

At Connected Camps, we understand that as a parent, you want to support your children’s interests and connect them with others who share those same passions, while making sure they learn too. Kid Club in Minecraft is the perfect place to do all these things. Kid Club is a free, family-friendly multiplayer Minecraft server where kids enjoy creating and building, interacting with their peers, making friends, and learning, all while being guided by experienced advisors who love Minecraft.

In Kid Club, children interact with different aspects of Minecraft. They create magnificent works of art, design gigantic structures, understand the necessities required to survive, compete in friendly one-on-one competitions, and much more. But diving below the surface shows that Minecraft is much more than just a blocky, pixelated world. As part of Kid Club activities, children engage each other as part of a team. They learn to work together and within a hierarchy to successfully complete tasks. They share responsibilities and understand their strengths and weaknesses. These are all useful skills for many STEM and creative careers, and children develop them while doing something they really enjoy.



If this is your first time playing or if you have kids, there’s a great way to simplify the three rounds of scoring: instead of counting the largest continuous group, just count all the spaces that match the criteria on your player board. That means less planning, since you can place the building cards on any space on your player board. You can also combine rules, having kids play with this but adults play with stricter rules.

  • 64x Wooden Blocks
  • 64 building and monster cards
  • 36 weapon tokens
  • 4 player boards
  • 4 experience counters
  • 4 character skins
  • 4 player game piece bases
  • 12 summary cards
  • 1 block base
  • 1x Support structure
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Crazy Fools UK

Year Established: 2010 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Founder(s): Minecraft Username: BRooNiE Total Number of Unique Players: Over 5,156 (last count 2014)

photo source: crazy-fools.co.uk

Collect blocks

If you choose this action, you will be able to take two blocks from the big cube. Players can choose blocks of any color from any layer of the cube. However, there are two rules that must be followed when taking blocks.

  • The top side of the chosen block must be visible. Basically, the block cannot have another block on top of it.
  • The block must have at least two other sides that are visible.

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