What is the 2 rarest thing in Minecraft?

5 Rarest Items in Minecraft in All Sizes

Mob heads are the item that is shaped like a mob’s head and is not available to be found anywhere of the world such as chests and treasure chests. However, there is only one method to get it and that is by exploding a charged creeper near the crowd you want a head from.

However, there are two rare mobs that can only fall on rare occasions. These are the Wither Skeleton head that rarely drops when players kill a Wither Skeleton. Another is the Ender Dragon head which can only be found on the front of an End Ship which has a rare chance to spawn an End City.


Elytra are probably one of the most popular in-game items that all players want to get their hands on, as they can be obtained only during the endgame. Elytra are extremely rare as it is probably the hardest item to get to in the first place.

To obtain elytra, players must find a stronghold, enter the end portal to travel to the end, defeat the ender dragon, travel to the Outside the End Islands, avoid all the enderman mobs, locate an End City, and ride the End Ship on top of the End City.

Enchanted golden apple, smells of idle dread.

As the name suggests, the unnamed golden apple is normal or equivalent to the normal enchanted golden apple. However, players don’t really enchant themselves. While they’re incredibly hard to find, they only have a five percent chance of spawning in loot chests. They are rare objects, for this very reason.

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The enchanted golden apple has a similar purpose to ordinary golden apples, but on a larger scale. In this way, they give an immense Absorption effect, while other status effects extend. Specifically, the resistance of the players lasted about five minutes. This makes them far from killing them.

What is the second rarest sheep in Minecraft?

Sheep are one of the best sources of wool and mutton in the game. A good sheep farm means that you will have enough food in the form of mutton and wool to trade with the villagers or to craft equipment for use in the game. To get them to breed, you will have to tame and breed them. They can be fed grass or grain and are seen to reproduce naturally in 5 types. These types are; White, brown, black, gray and pink. The wool can be periodically sheared from the sheep and the color of the wool can be changed with dyes. There are 16 possible colors to change the color of the wool.

In terms of spawning rates, white sheep are the most common, followed by black and gray sheep which have a 15% chance of spawning together and a 5% chance of spawning individually . The rarest sheep in the game is the pink sheep which has a small spawning rate of just over 0.16% of natural spawn. The second rarest sheep in the game is the brown sheep with a small 3% chance of spawning naturally in the wild. Despite the difficult task of finding these sheep, some players are always on the lookout for these rare sheep. They are sought after because they are rare and can be sported in a collection by the player.

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