What is the 1.50 Minecraft Update?

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The Sims 4 Update 1.50 Patch Notes

Sims 4

  • Is your game filling up with empty families? We have made a fix to delete empty households when loading the game.
  • Your manicure should stand out, in a good way. It’s part of your ensemble and can complete an outfit, adding personality and finishing the look. But what’s not a perfect complement is that your manicure has become part of your outfit, literally part of it by drawing a line across it, so we’ve fixed that. This fix affects multiple Create A Sim assets in the base game and packs.
  • You’re the handiest Sim ever known to the Sims, so much so that you can upgrade bathrooms to add a H2O siphon outside the area where the bathroom is located… like with your mind ? Not anymore! As much as we love things being “magically” fixed, this particular update will require your Sim to be in direct contact with the toilet, yes… physically.
  • Speaking of convenience, have your Sims ever tried to fix their shower-tub combos or bathtubs, but been unable to reach them? This should be fixed, and we also fixed the same error when Sims tried to run the Water Recycler and add the H20 Siphon upgrades.
  • Sims love to make cakes and they love to bake and decorate them together with other Sims in a group. They didn’t love that they couldn’t add decorations or candles, but now they can. Then have your Sims bake a cake, garnish it, and eat it too.
  • Ever had a friend who said he liked something but he really didn’t like it and his face showed it? We felt the same way with the Sims who, even though they liked things, had the “dislike” comics. So we made some changes and now their thoughts match their feelings a little better in what they say they like or dislike. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Getting to know someone can be a challenge, especially for people like me… an introvert, even more so when getting to know someone who doesn’t reveal their traits. No worries, we’ve made a fix so your Sims are no longer in that awkward position.
  • I noticed some Sims were making more “A-ha!” or “Eureka!” animations while not in a career as a scientist? With this update, the “A-ha!” moment doesn’t happen as frequently if your Sims aren’t in the scientist career (they will still because of the environmental score, but not as frequently). However, in all honesty, if a Sim has an epiphany of some sort, shouldn’t they be exclaiming, “Eureka!”? Discuss.
  • Ghosts can now eat ambrosia and become normal Sims again! Isn’t this the plot of a movie about a friendly ghost? Sounds familiar.
  • Perfectionist Sims will now save their paintings to their inventory instead of starting over even after completing a perfect painting. Perhaps they were trying to achieve perfection…too much.
  • I like to know bits and pieces and facts about people I know and like, but getting likes and dislikes about Sims in households I don’t play with is not my cup of you. I mean, cute, but not the moment. This issue should be resolved and you will only see these messages from households you currently have control over.
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Blocks and items

In Minecraft 1.5.0, several new items appeared at the same time, as well as one never-before-seen block. Thanks to these blocks, the underwater world has become much more interesting. For example, one of them can work under water and constantly help the player fight against hostile creatures.

This block has two beneficial properties. The conduit in Minecraft 1.5.0 can impose the effect of sea power on players in contact with water and damage hostile mobs. It’s not easy to craft because you need 8 nautilus shells and a heart of the sea. This item can be found in ruins or on a sunken ship.

Egg laying

Once fed, the turtles begin to lay their eggs on the sand. They can spread from one to four eggs at once. Now is the time to protect these little cells of life.

It turns out that zombies, wolves, ocelots, drowned corpses and pigmen will try to destroy and munch on those tiny turtles in Minecraft PE 1.5.0.

DLC content

  • Additional playable characters “Cassandra”
  • “STORY: Soul Chronicle” Additional stories
  • Additional crafting parts (5 types )
  • Additional weapons (8 types)
  • Additional titles (4 types)
  • Additional battle comments (2 types) )

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