What is S1 seed?

DESCRIPTION MedO S1 Wildflower Seed Mix is ​​designed to replicate natural seeding, combining species that will enhance each other’s growth as well as protect and extend the life of the roof membrane. Radmat supplies pre-grown sedum mats, wildflower seed mixes and more conventional plug plant varieties.

APPLICATION Seeds need both warmth and humidity to grow and can be sown at any time of year when these conditions are met.

Buying marijuana seeds in Thailand: is it allowed?

Among cannabis growers, Thailand has a stellar reputation as a harvesting ground thanks to its tropical climate, which allows the plant to flower all year round. However, due to the strict ban on cannabis cultivation, Thailand has been removed from this list. Legal systems around the world, including Thailand, are adapting to the modern world. Weed is becoming legal in Thailand, and this article will give you a quick rundown on whether or not you can buy cannabis seeds there.

Pure varieties

Also known as autochthonous or purebred, pure cannabis varieties have been the basis of cannabis hybridization in recent decades. These species are endemic to a geographical area, where they have developed without being crossed (hybridized) with other varieties. There are a large number of landraces from all over the planet, belonging to any of the three families of cannabis, C. sativa, C. indica and C. afghanica. Nepal is a good example; in this country different varieties of pure cannabis are grown (mostly narrow leaf mixed use varieties) and you can easily notice the differences between the genotypes based on the height above sea level at which they are grown.

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Each variety expresses its own genetic code (genotype) with a specific growth and flowering pattern (phenotype), so that pure varieties – with a purer genotype – show great uniformity, with only a few slight differences between the phenotypes. We can expect very few variations between native specimens of the same variety, giving plants with very similar growth, organoleptic and psychoactive characteristics. Good examples of these strains can be Hindu Kush (Sensi Seeds), Colombia Punto Rojo (Cannabiogen) or China Yunnan (Ace Seeds).

What do the terms F1 and S1 mean in the hybridization of cannabis?

Another method of pollination involves the use of a substance such as silver thiosulphate, which induces stress in a female plant and transforms it into a male. Feminized cannabis seeds are classified as S1 which means that the female clone was pollinated using silver thiosulfate with a female clone from the same mother. If a different female clone was used for pollination, the offspring are classified as first generation feminised. Inverting a female clone to produce feminized pollen is much more difficult than using both male and female plants.

  • Male and female parent plants produce F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7 and IBL.
  • Back crossing (BX) occurs when the original parent is crossed with generation F.
  • S1 stands for when two of the same female clones are inverted using S.T.S
  • Feminized F1 is when a female clone has been crossed with a different female.

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